road map to normalcy

22 Mar

london 7pm 12C dry monday 2021


that is the timetable for returning to normalcy that they plan , if nothing disrupts it. so shops open from april 12. and normalcy from june 21. we are hoping the vaccine does its job .i think now we can still go out and order at the eating places for takeaway. or order online and collect, or order online for delivery. i have not done it because i cook my own foods. and simon also dont buy takeaway to deliver to our door. simon in the past would buy fish and chips at the shop and bring back. but it is rare.  now i think of it, it must be unusual, most people would at least eat out more often. it is one of the fun of living in a city like london where there is a huge choice of takeaways to choose from.

this evening i cooked a dish. stir fried veg with pork, and it is delicious and cost hardly anything. and that might be the reason why i dont buy takeaways. the other reason , apart from the cost, might be that the ubiquitous old style curry houses that sell the old style curries are mostly gone. it is tied in with costs as well, because those old style curry houses offer cheap dishes, they are basic dishes but very evocative of what i remember and like about it when i would buy them to accompany my own cooked rice. names like meat bhuna,meat dopiaza, etc. and always they give such big portions that i can invariably have enough to make up another meal the next day. 

i notice they never say beef,(understandable because the indians dont eat beef) or goat, which they use,or mutton , rarely and if they do, they make it a point to mention it i think; as it must be too expensive;  but the normal practise is to  use the word ‘meat’. perhaps my memories of how good they taste is because of the goat meat. it might have given it that special flavour. but as i said, those places are dwindling in numbers.

it is delicious, that is why i dont buy takeaway, it cannot beat my own cooking

added. tues 23.3.21 10am 9C cloudy

today , saw the news that ban on foreign travel for us . link

it will be illegal from monday… that is next monday, until end of june. it is to prevent them coming back and bringing the new variants that seem to be rampant abroad to uk. you might argue that you are allowing other travellers from foreign countries to continue to come into the country, so what is the difference? and some of the reasons that are so urgent that u can leave this country seem to me rather spurious…in fact of the 4 reasons given, all except the first seem to me spurious. ya, it is one of those solutions that  are riddled with contradictions and seemingly done without any logic. 

i think our only hope rests on our vaccine program, that it will as quickly as possible cover the whole population in uk, and that it will stop the virus and any new variants too. that way, it would not matter if there is free mingling of people everywhere and life and businesses can go on as before.

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