the phone scammers are up to their tricks again

23 Mar

london 4pm 13C sunny tuesday 2021

this morning i got a call on my landline, and as usual it asks the caller to name themselves, and i heard a man say he is from ‘something and bains’.sounds like a firm of solicitors or something likethat. i listened to my options and was not certain because i dont recall that name so i chose to press the button 2 which lets him through but only once. but by the time i did it, he had allready left the call, so that is that. as usual it leaves me wondering if i have stopped a legit call. i call up 1471 on my landline phone , that shows me the number of that call, and i went to the internet and typed that number in on a website called who called me, and was relieved to find that call number was a scam number. so i blocked it on my phone so that i dont have to deal with that caller again. i am glad my phone has this facillity to block calls and to monitor callers. i am glad it took so long for my phone to get my permission, that it make that person think i have refused his call and hang up.if he is still there i would have to talk to him, it is still very unsettling to get these kind of calls even after you have put the phone down on them. 

just after that, i read this daily mail article with a harrowing account of someone who was tricked by the new account scam to transfer all her money to a new account. we have all heard of this kind of scam, but people are still falling victims to it. i am sure she never thought she would be susceptible to it, but those cheating people are very convincing. anyway i am glad i escaped all that. 




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