24 Mar

london 10.50am 12.8C sunny wednesday 2021

i have been thinking it is rather nice that i can write anything and post it , so self publishing a book can be a done thing easily on this blog. and if i got an idea of what to write, i can do so and quickly write a book. so anyone can fulfill their ambition to be a writer and get a book, or lots of books published. and that would be it, ambition achieved , dusted and done. haha. and you are a published author, able to sit alongside all the other authors.

the reason why i dont do it right now, is because i dont have any story to write about that will fill up a book. there is nothing i feel so strongly about that i want to write about it and make a story of it. i read a lot but i think it strange that i dont have a urge to write a book. most people if they read a lot, tend to think they can do better or improve on it. after all how many times have we heard authors who have written best sellers saying i thought i can do it better , or there are no books that cater to my interests, so i thought i better write it myself. 

well, anyway this is not a day to start a book. today i go to sainsburys to buy pork joint. whilst there i saw their seeded bread 800mg was reduced to 29p, so i bought two, and there were vermicelli noodles reduced 200mg from 80p to 60p, so i bought 4 packs. they will be cheaper than in chinatown. i am eagerly looking forward to cooking with them, so many ways you can cook them. 


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