new £50 note start circulation on 23rd june this year

25 Mar

london 11am 12C cloudy thursday 2021

i saw this article about the new plastic £50 note, and that it will come in on 23.6.21. so come that date all the denominations  in uk will have their new replacements. it seems this new note has puzzles and features in them for those people who like those things.


for everyone else, we have to find ways to use up the old notes. those hoarding the old notes will have to use them up. though i would imagine it will be difficult to use up a £50 note.  very few retailers will want to give change for a £50 note unless u make a purchase that is more than £30. i am not sure if the supermarket self service tills will take a £50 note. i doubt it.


this is the hot madras curry chicken made today . made from the tesco willow farm whole chicken £2.47 for 1.4kg which i bought today. it isn’t very chilli hot, whcih means next time i need to add more chilli powder to it. i love to eat those wing tips. 

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