26 Mar

london 3.47pm cloudy 9C friday 2021

today came a letter from the driving license people telling me that after 70yrs old, i need to renew my driving license.

all these years of having a driving license i dont have to bother with it. one of the nice things about the uk driving license, you dont have to keep renewing it every year or pay a fee to get it renewed. unlike so many other countries.

so it is another landmark event. even though i have stopped driving for more than 20yrs, i still feel a bit of loss.

living in london i dont need a car really (though in the mid 80s i did have a car, an automatic bmw, and goes everywhere with it, driving it even when i am just going a few roads away to a friend’s place… those were the days when there was no difficulty parking in central london, and no central pay zone that cars have to pay to get into. )

but since giving  up the car,in the early 90s, i  never felt the lack of not driving one, but even so this letter coming out of the blue like this does pull me up a bit. it reminds me age is catching up on me. i am getting old. i am going to lose my driving license to old age.  i have no intention of asking for a renewal of my license, as i definitely will not want to drive again. i think i would be a danger to the public if i drive again. not due to any medical condition, thank goodness , but for a lack of awareness of other traffic around me. i am not very good at seeing cars etc in the rear view mirror or side mirror. i am so used to sitting on the bus and let someone else do the driving, whilst i just enjoy the ride, and look at the passing scenery… 

not for the first time i am glad i dont live in the country, because i would be very reliant on a car to get me about, and that means having to drive one. and this renewal will mean a bit of a bother, as it seems i have to provide identification, and the only thing they want is my passport, to be sent to them and that i would be very reluctant to do. not to mention if i have to drive, i must not have a host of medical conditions that would prevent me from driving. and you know how we old people will always come down with something chronic and dysfunctioning.

but i do like to have a license, because it can be used as a means of identity, even though my license is still the old one and dont have a picture of me.  otherwise i have to use my passport and if that involves sending someone the passport, that i am very reluctant to do, as if anything happens to it and it is lost, there is hell to pay. but there you are another milestone as it were on the path of life.

 and i got a email from my electricity supplier, eon, they say they are changing to ‘’. why they want to change their name is a mystery to me. and it does make me a bit apprehensive, because i always feel if they change things something is going to go wrong. it is true what they said about going old, we dont like change. especially when it aint broke. my contract expires on june 2021. so that means i will have to such searching for another provider , 3months from now… which does remind me . that means i should be looking at around may 2021. well i am glad i got this reminder from them, because i forgot it is so soon. hope they make the change in name before june, because it seems if they are in the middle of that change, it would be difficult to shift to another electricity provider. 

added 6.07pm


i see in the weather forecast that next tuesday has a high of 22C. what a surprise, if it does happen. 

2 Responses to “changes”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 27, 2021 at 4:50 am #

    Singapore it is age 65years and above and submit medical reports online. I sometimes wonder how the aged will face with all things going digital.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 27, 2021 at 7:44 am #

      there is really no need of a car in singapore, far less for the elderly to drive one.(though u might disagree, haha. as you have a car.for you it might be both a luxury as well as a necessity). here, i can apply using digital (though how to proof identity? wont they still require me to post my passport to them? assuming i want to apply, which i dont) or postal using a form they sent me. and we dont have to submit to a medical either. just on our own say so on the medical questionnaire in that application. so they rely on each person telling the truth about their medical health. then every 3 yrs they require you to renew the license. i suppose then they might ask for a medical. and still free. it is amazing to me that they dont charge us for the license. it is a nice earner, if they do, every year charge drivers to renew.

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