british expats not residents, will have to leave europe before end of March

27 Mar

london 8,16pm 9C dry night saturday 2021

i saw this headline

British expats ‘in tears’ as Spain to deport 500 under new rules ‘Dream over’

their 90 days stay ends on 31st March, so those who cannot get registered as permanent residents will have to leave. they can come back  , if the corvid allows it, from july for another 90days. you need to show a monthly income of £2000 a person to be allowed to register so for a couple they would need an income of £4000 a month. straight away you can see it is difficult to get that for most people, esp pensioners. it seems to me the irish are the only ones who get the best of both worlds. they can freely move in europe and the uk. 

update 31.3.21 “For people just arriving there is the additional burden of health insurance requirements and being able to show savings of €25,560 (£21,790) for the first person and €5,700 (£4,860) for each family member. link

ah well, it is not very pleasant now to live anywhere in the world (i mean to say all the normal things that u can do and enjoy in a country that is before corvid is no more or curtailed) , what with the restrictions of corvid pressing down on any country… so better get back to your home country for a rest and catch a breather. bear in mind that the spain you knew before the corvid would be a totally different spain after it. there wont be any chance of getting back to that ‘before corvid’ lifestyle. even without this change of rules, corvid has ensured the dream of living abroad to retire is over. am i too pessimistic? is it not possible that people learn to live with it, and things get back to nearly like before corvid? with the vaccine, we might just do that. who knows.

 over here, today i have to remember to move my clocks forward 1 hr before i go to sleep. we are going into summer time. it means the sun will rise 6.47am instead of 5.47am and it would be dark if i were to wake at the same time i did today.

added, 10.18pm

i mentioned the vaccine might let us get back to normal, but i did not reckon with the rest of the world not wanting to get the vaccine. for eg, i read this article about the lockdown in manila today… it seems 61% of filipinos do not want to get vaccinated against corvid. if that is the norm for other countries, than i can see we shall never get back to normal again. 

it seems europeans have a history of being anti vaxxers. and after the sheenanigans with macron etc bad mouthing it, i would not blame ordinary citizens to be wary of vaccines in general. 

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