routine can be nice

28 Mar

london 1.35pm 12C cloudy sunday 2021

5.44pm 12C cloudy

8.18pm 11C

you can see from the temperature that it has been quite a even day, staying at around 12C. the sun has set about an hour ago, today it has set an hour later than yesterday. but it is such a cloudy dark clouds day that it is not very noticeable. and that is something i have noticed. that if u are not working the changing time does not dramatically make you notice any difference in the day. the only time i can recall i notice it is during those times when i was working, then i notice it still light when i get off work at 6pm.

but since i dont work, i dont know about you all, but the days are just the same every day for me. some might say it is due to the lockdown, it makes every day seem like each other, but i dont think that is so. because even when we were living before the corvid, life for me is very similar. and i dont think it will be any different if i live abroad. life is very similar when i was living in malaysia, too. so i think once you settle down and live long term in any place, it soon becomes a day similar to another day as you get into a routine. i think i am reconciled to it. routine can be very nice, and comforting. 

i have been taking a peek at the lives of others, via this webcam website showing live cameras inside other people’s living rooms and i noticed a lot of routine in their lives too. sleeping, eating, cooking, and alot of times it will show them engrossed in playing with their smartphones. haha. the young people will be having smartphones, older people will be having laptops. some will keep the tv on, even when no one is watching it. 

here, in my household simon keeps occupied by watching the snooker on tv, or on his laptop. there seem to be lots of prizes , almost continuous championships back to back, when one finish another one seem to start straight away… and always involve the same players, ronnie sullivan seem to always be playing, and always seem to get to the finals, to lose out at the finals. or so it seems to me who occasionally would look up and have a glance at the tv to see some play going on. the latest one i see now is ronnie sullivan playing robertson. score 4-8 out of 19 games. so it looks like robertson can win. he needs only to win two more games to finish it. i cant see what the attraction is really. but there you are, lucky for you if it engrossed you, keeps u have something to watch and while the time away.

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