is it worth it?

30 Mar

london 9.14am 8C sunny wednesday 2021

its a sunny blue sky morning today. and the first thing i read in the headline news in the express website is this. it is saying brit expats in france are told they have to exchange their british driving license to french, but are rejected by the french when they apply for it, on the grounds that there is no agreement about it with the british govt. this uk leaving the  EU has affected expats to a huge degree, which i guess is predictable really. on hindsight, it is obvious that their ability to live in europe will be severely affected no matter what agreement is made. 

i was thinking i had to apply for a renewal of my british license because of turning 70yrs old in june. and it is a seamless thing, because there is no need to send a medical report or even retake a driving test. though it is a moot point as i dont intend to renew it but give up my license as i doubt i will ever drive again. if i were living in france, this will be much more crucial, it might be a disaster.

added. 31.3.21. there have been fears expressed in uk about letting over 70s carry on driving without some conditions, because their age can make them a danger to the public. not every old person is affected to the same degree, and it is weeding out those affected that remains a challenge. this restriction, that is imposed tries to do that.

but if i were to live in france, it will be a big bother not being able to keep the driving license, and have to relearn and retake a french driving test. you may be forced to give up driving, and usually most of us just adapt and use the bus or uber. but in france or elsewhere for that matter, many elderly expats live in rural areas of france where a car is necessary.

i cant drive on the left hand side,or rather i have never tried to drive on the left hand side and so am afraid i will get confused and make a lot of dangerous moves.  so i was thinking just as well i dont live in france. anyway i dont speak french, so right away living in france is a no no. it looks like i have no choice really, i just wont be allowed to live in europe.i think i know that, which might explain why the thought of retiring in europe never occurred to me.

well, it turns out it is a blessing in disguise. i escape all this angst instead and chose to stay in uk. haha. i escaped a loaded bullet there. sometimes when you dont have a choice, it is a good thing, than you dont have to decide, it is decided for you. and if you are sensible you will come to like that imposed decision. 

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