roast chicken

1 Apr

london 1pm 13C cloudy but bright thursday 2021

its april fools day today, but i think a lot of people are giving this a pass. certainly google is not doing an april fool thing this year. it did not do one last year too. its difficult to do one without offending someone.  people are not in the mood to get fooled i think. or perhaps it is just me. too many real life events which look like april fool ones, have turned out not to be april fools ones but for real.

this morning i went to tesco to buy their fresh tomatoes, a pack of 6 reduced to 49p for 360mg from usual price of 70p. it is a clubcard price. it got me to go to tesco, and whilst there i saw a 1.4kg fresh willow farm chicken for £2.32… usually it is £2.47, and is £2.54 in the express tesco stores. so i bought it. tesco is matching their prices with aldi, which explains why the price has gone down.

i had planned to make a soya sauce chicken out of it, but changed my mind when i got it home, and decided to roast it instead. i got some carrots left over, so decided to add them to the oven and make roast carrots. its been quite some time since i roasted a whole chicken and i just felt like eating one now. 

added 2.30pm 14C cloudy

an unflattering view . i was too hungry and too impatient to eat it to photograph it before; so this is what remains of it once i had my fill.
a mass of white blooms all over this tree in the garden. no idea what it is called. as a guess some kind of magnolia. seeing that this time of year, magnolias are time for them to bloom

added 3pm.

i found this article in the dailymail about the april fool hoaxes. of all of them, i only know of the volkswagon rename as voltswagon. and because it came out a few days before today, i thought it was real news. the others i have not heard of them till this dailymail article mentioned them.

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