easter sunday

4 Apr

london 12.50pm 11C sunny easter sunday 2021

quite a sunny day today. yesterday was cloudy, and dull. sometimes you can get cloudy and still bright, i dont know why it can be so. unless what i read that sahara sand is being blown into the high atmosphere and that affected the sun. that might explain it, why at ground level we dont see any dust, but yet the sky has that dull look about it. that has been so the last few days. 

today the big supermarkets are closed, they have to because the law says so. i did not realise it was the law, previously i thought the only day when the law says it must close is christmas day. where even the smaller express stores must close…. unlike today the smaller express stores can remain open. so people can still buy groceries today, and no one is left out unlike in the old days when i first came to the uk, the hours were quite restricted and sundays were closed. in those days it is milk that we have to go out to buy. fresh milk can go bad and can also be used up, so that was the most often thing people bought on a sunday. but now i dont even drink milk anymore. i use coffee whitener now. not even milk powder. even in my lifetime my eating habits have changed, so i can imagine if it were 100yrs ago. 


3 april 2021
3 april 2021
trafalgar square 3 april 2021

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