sitting in the sun in the communal garden

6 Apr

london millbank gdns11am 5C very sunny tuesday 2021

very nice day, though a bit cold, so that i am glad to have my fleece hoodie whilst sitting on this garden bench in the communal garden of the estate, just behind the tate gallery and i am using the tate gallery wifi. i am glad that even though the tate gallery is closed, they still broadcast their wifi.

there are not many people in the garden, so that i can have lots of choices of where to sit. the sun is beginning to warm me up now, so i am shedding the layers of clothing i have on. ya, spring is a time when we go through the ritual of shedding and putting on layers of clothing, a constant dance of robing and disrobing.

oh the sun has gone behind a large black cloud, and two robins have come out to play and are hopping about . the wind is coming up too and it is getting chilly. so back goes my hoodie. but the sun is out again, and looks like it will be out for sometime, as that was the only black cloud in the sky. so that is good, i was half thinking that i will have to interrupt my stay in the garden and go back home. the sun sure makes a difference and demonstrated that in a dramatic fashion just now. we take the sun for granted, at least i do, until something like this reminds me it is indeed life giving. i have taken some pics in the garden but willhave to wait till i get back to load them onto this page

the sun going behind this cloud

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