life goes on as usual

9 Apr

london 2.28pm 13C cloudy friday 2021

big news today is prince phillip has died. he was 99yrs old. 

3.10pm sunny 16.2C 

its 3 o’clock allready . i had a double take when i saw the temperature now. 16.2C!! is that so really? another website says 14C. and on this website the surrounding areas show 14C temperature. so it might be this particular location has a defective temp recorder. i have noticed it tends to show a higher temperature than the surroundings. ah well, i suppose life goes on as usual for the rest of us.

i got a text message on my mobile phone tellling me i have an earlier appt to get my 2nd vaccine jab, it is next week, rather than 30th april. so the jabs are going to plan, and even ahead of schedule if they can give me an earlier time. in fact, i thought it might happen when i got the first appt, and glad i kept my mobile on instead of usually switching it off. i think they will send me a letter to alert me, in case i miss seeing the text message.

i have been doing the usual things, buying groceries. yesterday i went to the upton park east london fresh market to get chillis, and was able to get them at the usual price, £1 for 250mg, and when i came back and had them with my meal that day, i was pleasantly surprised that they are very potent, they kick a punch. they were the small chillis, which should make me realise they will be potent, because from experience, small chillis are hotter. and there were 500mg green grapes for 50p each pack, so i bought two and am enjoying them now. they make a nice change from oranges and bananas.

all businesses will open from next week too. 

3.32pm 17.5C

even as i speak, i see it has gone up the temperature


3.34pm latona road peckham se15. but nearer me at oval, it is 14C. it might be more accurate
my lunch, stir fried cabbage with pork

2 Responses to “life goes on as usual”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday April 10, 2021 at 2:45 am #

    Sorry about the passing of Prince Philip. Loss of a big icon indeed. I have been reading about how cold UK is now and yet when I read your posts, it seems bearable. I guess it could be that you are in a nice warm abode and lucky too! Take care and glad you have had the first jab without any side effects of achy body. I am not able to take the jabs – sigh!

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday April 10, 2021 at 10:16 am #

    its interesting that even as far away as singapore they talk about the uk weather. haha. i too got some news articles about it though i tend to forget about them as it doesnot seem to apply to london . it has dipped to 0C or -1C for a morning or two recently but that is about it. feeling cold is subjective too, and depands on how warmly one is dressed. also i think our downstairs neighbour keeps her central heating on , because i suspect we are getting some of it coming up to our place.
    recently i got shouted at by a man sitting on the top deck of the bus, i was opening the windows and he said he was cold and objecting to me opening the windows. i got backing from a group of 3 people who came up after me, and he was telling them off for poking their nose into the arguement. asking them why they want to join in the arguement. but they said to him that we are supposed to open the windows and they would do the same. (there were notices on the windows saying open the window), and they told him to go downstairs, but he said they wanted it open down there too. i thought that was unusual, because downstairs they do keep the windows shut, all those old people down there feel the cold, once, one old lady forcefully shut the window with a bang when i opened it just before, saying she was cold. and that is why i go upstairs to get away from them, and to open the windows upstairs. that day i did not feel the cold, and thought the man upstairs was ill or something… but maybe it was really cold that day. i wonder whether rest of the world also have these little altercations, with some objecting wearing masks or not, or scolding for standing too near , etc.

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