Good Morning … From Kerala ! — Santiago the Shepherd

11 Apr

A morning without a newspaper is unimaginable for most of Keralites … The day begins with a hot cup of tea and a news paper. It’s no wonder why some of the Malayalam (mother tongue of most of Keralites) newspapers are listed among the top ones in the world by circulation. This image was captured […]

Good Morning … From Kerala ! — Santiago the Shepherd

london 9.40am 7.2C sunny sunday 2021

this picture reminds me of the old days growing up , in malaysia, when the newspaper gets delivered. by that i mean it is rolled up and thrown over the gate more like. haha. it was a daily ritual, which we all partake esp durng the weekend, with the sunday papers. with us kids zeroing in on the cartoon pages. and i am pleased to see that it is still so in kerala. and i was prompted to go to the link about world wide newspaper circulation, and noticed india seem to be big in newspaper readers. perhaps the world press should go there and try to find out why they still read their newspapers so avidly, when the rest of the world has gone digital , or abandoned newsprint reading altogether.

the guy in the picture was turning straight away to the back pages. so maybe that is the secret what is in that back page? usually it is sports. so is that it? they are all sports mad and want to read the match score?

here we in london can see the drastic result of this corvid, in regards to print circulation. even free newspapers are finding it hard to get taken up by people. and i myself have taken to going straight to the online news websites as i suspect many have,to get my news, instead of getting it with the daily newsprints. we get it instantly and in real time, as soon as it happens. whereas printed news is old allready when it comes out. i think from past experience, the attraction to the printed papers was its analysis, and the writing style of the correspondent and its local content, not so much the stop press. and those are dropped as money got tight, making us even less eager to buy it or read it. 

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