i have my 2nd jab

14 Apr

london 8.44pm 8C dry wednesday 2021

its been brought forward 2wks from the 30th april. but i did not notice in the text message to inform me,  that the venue is changed from st thomas hospital near me to guy’s hospital, in london bridge.  so after queueing in two lines in st thomas’, i was told that actually i should go to guy’s hospital. luckily i know how to get there from st thomas, in quick time, by going to waterloo station nearby, and taking the jubilee tube two stops east to london bridge, then walk to guys. and there was no queue in guy’s vaccination centre. unlike in st thomas, where it was long queues. and the whole thing, including all this travelling between venues, took up an hour, from the time of the appt which was 10.30am. even including trying to find where the vaccination centre was in guy’s hospital. pretty good time actually when u come to think of it. 

anyway, mine is the astra zenecar jabs. i got the 2nd jab now, and without much side effects. none with my first jab, and only a slight headache with this 2nd one,which i slept away with a short nap. i think the uk made the right move, to vaccinate everyone. lockdowns are not the answer, because the economy will never recover if everytime someone dies of it, you lockdown the whole country.

afterwards, i went to sainsburys in nine elms, to buy raspberry jam. it is very flavoursome, you can smell the fruit in them; out of all the jams they sell in the sainsburys own brand costing 75p and i got 100 points for it with the nectar card. that is worth 50p.whilst there i bought the chicken thighs, £1.65/kg, which is very good value. and thighs have so much more meat on them, than the other cuts. only breasts beat them, but they cost £5/kg. not worth it really. but u can get two breasts if u buy the whole chicken which costs £1.65/kg. that is what i do, i separate the breasts and freeze them, and cook the rest in a curry. 

i came back and stir fried them with greens, using a jerk chicken powder that simon got, and i dont know if that is the thing that made it so tasty…it was the only thing i used, no garlic, nor onions so that  i was real surprised at how nice the sauce tasted, so much so, that simon had 2nd helpings. i was quite tempted to do so myself.  i forgot to buy sainsburys garlic , they have a bunch of 4 for 55p, but i did not see it when i was there. but it looks like jerk chicken powder can be just as nice if not better than fresh garlic. 

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