15 Apr

london 2.42pm 9C rain thursday 2021

today , every thursday,is when the supermarkets feature their new bargains reduced prices for their 5 a day, so i logged onto the tesco website to see what their clubcard prices are and found £3/kg for the pork. (it normally sells for £3.50/kg)that was what i wanted, so i went to the store in kennington, their temporary one, which replaced the big store that used to be there, the place is now a building site of  luxury flats being built. in fact the billboards advertise it is open in May it seems for bookings and are showing off a show flat for potential buyers to book the flats before completion. flats from £700,000 (1 bed roomflats) so not cheap really. they got a few for shared ownership. cant imagine who are the ones who will buy these flats, especially since just down the road in vauxhall you have that huge amounts of luxury flats in battersea and around the US embassy . 

and i got my shoulder pork. i got a 1.7kg joint, which i have cut up into 4 portions when i got back and they are all in the freezer. the morning which started out quite sunny is now overcast and raining. so quite a normal day weather wise, and event wise too, from what i can get from the news, nothing much is happening.

and i got my lunch cooking. it is stir fried greens and celery with chicken pieces in jerk chicken sauce. hope it is as nice as the previous dish using that jerk chicken powder. 

added. 3.08pm

i ate it and it is just as tasty as the first dish i did with that powder. so 

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  1. Garfield Hug Saturday April 17, 2021 at 7:45 am #

    Haha! A fun name for a seasoning – jerk seasoning! Glad it tastes good!

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