kerb free lunch for me

16 Apr

london 2.15pm 10C cloudy/sunny friday 2021

first day of the opening after a year of lockdown of kerb. i managed to get a free lunch from the draw , they were only givng out 50.

i had wanted to go for the chinese pork rice dish at biang dang, but today they have only baos.

i was chatting to a chinese woman whilst waiting for the steak,at stakehaus and she said their fried chicken over rice is really good. but today they were very late starting, and can only serve baos. their website mentioned the rice dishes but no baos. so maybe today’s cook was a bao specialist. i have not tried their baos so did not know what to expect. also my ticket was for a full priced meal and i suspect the baos are like snacks. cant put a lot of stuff inside baos. though these are taiwanese baos, and are open.unlike chinese baos, which are closed. 

the steak i got was £10. it was a 5 oz steak, and very nice though u have to make sure u chew it properly before swallowing as the piece might be too big. since you cannot cut a piece off yourself, it was cut up by the cook, the first piece i ate was a large one and i did not chew it properly and nearly choked when i tried to swallow that large piece. so have to remind myself to be careful there. normally when eating a steak, you have to cut it yourself and there you can cut off small pieces , so there wont be this danger of eating a too big piece. it was a nice meal, very enjoyable, and being forced to chew it properly i really got to taste it, instead of normally bolt it down which i would normally do. when eating steak you really must slow down and chew it properly and savour it properly long and thoughtfully. that is the way to eat steak, and not like a dog, bolting it down without tasting it… which is such a waste when i see dogs eating meat. i am afraid i am prone to doing it myself. 

steak and chips from that shack on the right
medium rare steak with chilli butter sauce and house sauce. i used my own container, whcih kerb encourages us to do, to save on packaging. and they do give u more chips too, and he even gave me an extra choice of sauce, so that i got two sauces
view of somerset house across the river from the national theatre
the biang dang food shack, but they were only serving baos today

i did not see any of the other fellow freebies who go for these free foods. so i guess they did not get picked for the free food draw. in the past we just go early and queue up and the first 100 will automatically be given a voucher to exchange for the free food. but this time they dont want to encourage all the queueing and bring in a draw instead. 

One Response to “kerb free lunch for me”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday April 17, 2021 at 7:36 am #

    Glad you are out and about. I do miss the freebies post you used to do but with the lockdown during covid, understandable.

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