17 Apr

london 12.49pm 12.4C sunny saturday 2021

sunny blue sky out there, so i was tempted to go out, and decided to go to the tesco store near oval, as the website says it is not busy. i got oranges and gala apples, because tesco was reducing the price via the clubcard, and i bought a sweetheart cabbage to replenish my greens. it was a nice ride over the river, and coming back, i was tempted to sit in the communal gardens with its tulips and cherry blossoms. but i wanted to get back to put away the shopping, and once inside i tend to be too lazy to go out again. so sat by the window where the sun was coming in and got my dose of vit D that way. now i am waiting for lunch.

the food is cooked, stir fried greens, celery, sweetheart cabbage with pork, i am letting the food cook somemore in the residual heat as i am in no hurry to eat. 

i get the bangkok post in my wordpress newsreader and the headline was 3million more deaths from corvid worldwide.12000 deaths every day worldwide.it didnt say which countries top that list. i guess south america, brazil was mentioned. 

this link as on 16 april 2021shows in order of most …no 1 is usa ,brazil,mexico, india. the figures should be taken wiht a pinch of salt, as many deaths are put under corvid when the person tested positive for the virus, and may not necessarily directly die from it. also the opposite may occur with countries downplaying their corvid deaths.

 it mentioned the situation in india, hit by a upswing in cases, and going to get worse because of the kumbh mela in haridwar, with the pilgrims bringing back the infection to their home villages when it is over. they must hope that mass infection will lead to herd immunity .

and it even mentioned uk opening up restaurants and how they are packed for this weekend, all outside tables being fully booked . and here i think is the hope for optimism that we can beat this virus. i will wait for a few weeks from now, to see what the figures show, if it continues to show a low infection rate and low death rate, than we can be pretty confident that the vaccine is drawing the sting out of this virus.

added 19.4.21

Global coronavirus figures
from this link

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