wishing everyone good health

24 Apr

london 1.45pm 16C sunny saturday 2021

berries in spring. might be ornamental, rather than eaten by any living thing

i have been out to the asda in clapham junction, to buy the TRS (dont know what it stands for) brand garlic paste, 300mg75p, reduced from £1. it is cheaper than the tesco promotion on their nectar card, 90p reduced from £1.10, 284mg.

but it is all a unsuccessful attempt to buy them, because i could not find them in stock at any of the supermarkets. even fresh garlic is not available. that was why i am looking to buy the bottled paste. so it looks like something has blocked delivery of these things, and our brexit may well be the reason. but i googled trs, and found that they are a british company so they wont be affected by brexit. so it might be asda promotion of it, ah well, it is fortunate that in cooking there is no ingredient so crucial to it that it must be used.

whilst in the asda this morning, i found a reduced priced 2kgfresh chicken thighs for £2.56. they were close to expiring, that is why they are reduced £1 from the usual price of £3.60. i could have bought the sainsburys chicken thighs at £1.65/kg, but these are good enough  when reduced like this, is £1.28/kg.

so i have cooked half of it, about 8thighs, in a soya sauce stew. and freezed the rest. now i am waiting for the rice to get cooked in the rice cooker. and i shall have my lunch.


life is quiet here in london, at least my life. which is good, because there is no drama and worries about health or anything. we dont worry about health until things go wrong, when by rights we should always be grateful for everyday that we are in good health and really appreciate it. i do. 


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