its all history

4 May

london 12.40pm 12C cloudy tuesday 2021

we just have the long weekend for the early may bank holiday over for now. and for me it was very uneventful, though simon was complaining to me about the loud helicopter noises on saturday or sunday, which he says is the police monitoring the demonstrations going on around parliament square. and it reminded me that this holiday is traditionally labour day, and it always is accompanied by trade union demonstrations . this time it seems it is demonstrations against the police bill to stop demonstraters disrupting traffic, like glueing themselves to the train or road, or blocking the street or bridge with a boat. in the end, a person still disrupted  a bridge, by glueing himself to the road on the bridge. it is quite difficult to stop them, but maybe the bill will allow the court to fine them, so that at least they pay the cost.

this time, with the corvid , there is very little traffic to disrupt, as most people are not commuting nor driving along the roads so that their disruption is hardly noticeable. but even though we live quite near the parliament square, we are not affected by it, and in fact i myself did not notice it even. if simon had not mentioned the noise, i would not have even noticed the helicopter noises. one of the good things about being slightly deaf, haha. i thought it was some road works nearby, actually, because it sounded like it is coming from the road behind the flat. it does not sound like a noise coming from the sky, whcih is what i would have expected if it is noise from hovering helicopters .

anyway today it is all very peaceful. i went to lidl  to buy coffee, because i have run out. i saw on the website that lidl at stockwell was not busy that was why i decided to go there. i had wanted to go during the weekend, but the website was saying practically all the supermarkets were busy. and those that are not, have the buses to it so disrupted, that i dont want to bother.

dont know whether it was because of the demonstrations blockng the roads, or just that it is a holiday weekend and the buses are reduced running from shortage of drivers or something. but the end result was that the buses running through my area were not listed at all, which means that they are so disrupted that they have given up tracking them.

  but the good thing about living so centrally is that i have huge choice of supermarkets to go to, express stores all around me so if it is a real need, and that is of course never , i have any number of supermarkets to walk to. and even on a bank holiday they are all open. such a joy when u live in london. never do u have to contend with shops closing at 2pm for siesta, or on a weekend, or at night. unlike europe. 

anyway i read in my wordpress reader about this being the 550th anniversary of the battle of tweakesbury. a decisive battle during hte wars of the roses in 1471. they even have stamps to commemorate it, but it kind of makes me think all those years ago when they are all bothered and hot about the kingship and control , i wonder if the locals ever even noticed it, seeing that it is a concern only of the nobles and their soldiers. i bet the locals just carry on about their lives and never bother to know who is in control. and today, it is all history.

i wonder if this period of our lives this time of troubles we are in now, will be faded away into history too, and not even remembered to be commemorated with a stamp. 

simon’s effort for lunch today
added 4pm, when i felt hungry again, and stir fried a quick dish of pork and broccoli , cabbage, onions. and have it over rice.

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