scotland go to the polls today

6 May

london 8.44pm 10C thursday 2021

i found out that this new tv of ours dont have subtitles. or rather, it has a subtitles button, but everytime we press it, it says not available. but when i go into bbc or film4 on my chromebook, i can switch on the subtitles. so it looks like there is another function that we dont know where it is in this new tv for us to switch it on. it makes viewing less pleasureable for me, as i do need to read the subtitles, or i wont understand what is said. ah, well, i just have to enjoy the large picture for now, andhope the subtitles function comes on when they next update the freeview box that is inside it and hope that switches on the subtitle function.

added 7pm fri 7.5.21. 

we found the setting for switching on the subtitles. it seems you have to chose which language, if u dont then it wont come on. so we chose english of course, (but does it mean you can chose other languages? it looks like it, but i dont know how to bring up the other choice of languages. it might be that there is no other choice of languages that is why there is no button to chose them.) anyway now we got subtitles,lovely; even though not all the channels have it. but the main ones, bbc1 -4, and itv and film 4, has them. now i am seeing the tail end of the first peter sellers’ film pink panther. it will be fun to watch all the old films again on big screen. the other day i saw total recall, the first one with arnold schwarzenegger and it was really like watching it anew. there were some scenes that i dont recall seeing. and it is all so brightly lit, unlike my previous recollection of it as being very hard to see because the scenes were so dark, but maybe it is just because i used to see them on small screens. 

Today , we go to the polls to elect the london mayor. i went first thing this morning at 7am, when it opens, because i happen to wakeup at that time haha. but also i think i could  escape the crowds if i go early… but i think not many people bother to go to vote, because whenever i look out of the kitchen window at the poll entrance, and admittedly it is not often, as i got more things to do than look out of the window to see who votes. i dont see anyone going in or out.

i am not too keen on any of the candidates for mayor, and was thinking of not voting, but it is so near me, this polling station, that i tend to go across the street to vote every time there is a election. it is no trouble to vote and it is one of the biggest priviledge really. the mayor of london, and in fact, all the mayors of any city are quite redundant now what with the corvid making the central govt control which cities can close or open , and thus ruining that city’s economy. not a lot a mayor can do about that.

but today is more important for the scottish vote. all the members of the scottish parliament are up for election today, and that might determine how they go in future. if the snp gets a big majority, they will think that is a mandate to proceed with a referendum on whether to stay within the uk, or become independent. i myself dont care what happens to it, whether they stay or leave, haha. i think they will go bankrupt if they leave, but they have every right to decide to go that way. i think if they let the rest of the uk to vote on it, we might just out of sheer cussedness vote them to leave, just to stop their complaining. the only danger is an independant scotland will make it easy for another country to conquer it and take over. 

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