supermarket reductions for sell by dates

10 May

london 15C cloudy monday 2021

i was browsing the tesco website and looking at their clubcard prices, and saw the 10eggs being reduced from £1.75 to their clubcard price of £1.50 and thought only yesterday i got them for 54p. i bought two packs of 10. a nice bargain price. and this is in the actual tesco store in piccadilly circus. it was in their egg section, hidden away in a corner of the store and not particularly advertised .it was because they were close to their best before date, and it was on their last date when they can be displayed. they are still good till 16th may. eggs seem to last a long time, in my experience. the shell keeps the contents sterile, so not anything can make them go bad… as long as the shell is intact.

anyway i was thinking how strange that here in the west, i can always find groceries reduced in price as they reach their sell by date, and have gotten lots of really good bargain prices . yet in asia, i have never seen them reduce their prices like this ever… there are no such bargains in the east, yet they must have stuff that are not selling and reaching their expiry date. so what do they do with them? i suspect they just let them expire and throw them away, rather than reduce the prices. they know their customers would never buy the full price if they can just wait for them to reduce . but here in the west, they dare not do it, for fear of being shown up . at one time, i thought that the good bargains will go away, when they said they will donate the near expired stuff to charity, but maybe it is too perishable for the charities to process , too near the expiry date for the charities to use them up. maybe that is why the bargain reductions are back. hope it stays. 

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