big screen

11 May

london 11am 16C cloudy tuesday 2021

now we got a new 50inch screen, we can enjoy seeing films we have seen before again. it is a big difference that a big screen can make to the viewing experience. and this morning i got to enjoy re seeing the importance of being ernest, the original film. the costumes, and mannerisms, coupled with the oscar wilde witticisms, makes it a joy to see. as you can see, there is no black margins along the top and bottom of the screen, the film fills up the whole screen. 

correction. 10pm. 

i just noticed the two black borders along the side of the screen. so the old film is smaller, and did not take over the whole space. but the screen is so big, it is not noticeable.

those were the days of film making, when the dialogue carries the plot, not surprising since it was set as a stage play originally. and the film actually opened  it on a stage starting off with the audience gathering and taking their seats and the curtain rises. but after that it was set in real life. 


i read this article which says it is 10yrs since the first chromebook came out. 11.5.2011. i went searching my blog to find out when i first bought my first chromebook. it is 11june2014 . i noticed i tend to buy my chromebooks around my birthday. my present one hp 14inch i bought on mar 2019. so it is 2yrs now. that means it is out of warranty, and if it goes wrong, it means i cannot get a new one free. i find i like the 14inch best, so i must remember if i hve to get another chromebook to  buy a 14inch. i am glad the chromebook was invented . it means i never have to bother about viruses , never have to spend money buying antivirus protection. and never have to wait ages for the laptop to warm up. 


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