random thoughts

17 May

london 10.36am 13C cloudy monday 2021


the country , uk, is opening up today with most of the restrictions of lockdown being removed and getting back to normal. i think they should continue with full opening with no restrictions as planned on june 21st. and be selective about imposing lockdowns after that date, confine it to only local areas or regions, if outbreaks occur. and even then, i would say depands on whether the hospitals cannot cope, then start lockdowns. otherwise open up the economy.

i have a good feeling about the vaccine, that it will protect against the new variants, and  that they will find that even if infected , it wont be severe, and no one who is vaccinated will die of a re-infection.

some of the restaurants are offering reduced prices, or free food, if u book and eat in. well lets hope for them that people go eat out now.

we here in the uk have got majority of people got their 2nd dose,  unlike europe and other parts of the world. i read other people’s blogs in spain, france , and they mention in their blogs they are still not got the 1st dose.  other blogs in asia say they are not vaccinated, but there they mention they are unsure about it, not that it is not available.i think it is because asia got away with low death rates, and so got a bit complacent that they have got it beat. but the only way to beat the virus is vaccination, i think. otherwise, they will constantly have to lockdown everytime an outbreak occurs. it will kill their economy , or rather it will keep it dead. because i think it allready has killed their economy. 

yesterday i got a chicken in a bag. it was reduced to £2, (normal price £5)but when i cooked it , i realised why i dont buy it . it is more steamed than roast, and the skin is not crispy. it is supposed to have been basted  in butter, but i never got any taste of it when it was done. i dont think it is a good idea, this roasting chicken in a bag. stop me from buying it again.

oh, i had a look at the instructions in the tesco website about these basted chicken in a bag, and saw you are supposed to open the bag after 55mins and cook it for another 20mins open. ah so that is where they get the crispy skin. so much bother though. with an ordinary chicken , i can just let it roast without need to do anything till it is done. maybe if it gets reduced to £1, i might buy it and take away the bag entirely before i cook it. haha.

added. thursday 27.5.21.

i did manage to buy a whole chicken in a bag for £1.32 recently. so that was a good bargain. i cut it up, froze the breast meat, and made soya sauce chicken with the rest . i think i shall do that from now on, buy reduced priced chicken like this. and might even roast it whole now and then. after all, it is easy to season it with whatever you like, before roasting it and it would come out delicious.

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