19 May

london 12.32pm 16C cloudy/rain wednesday 2021

quite an interesting development happening now. first i got an email from talk talk my phone and broadband provider saying they are going to upgrade me to fibre, at no cost to me, as an appreciation for being with them  for 4yrs. hmm, so they are sending the engineer to connect us to the fibre supply. the fibre goes to a green box down the road and the rest of the way to our flat will be carried by copper wires. so no person need to even get into our flat to make it work. it wont be totally all fibre, which would give very high speeds, but it will be faster than what i am getting now which is 7mbps. with their fibre 35, we will get average speeds of 38mbps. well that is rather good news. right? it will be connected on 26 may. so that is nice, because after their recent forced increase in tariff, it will be better value if we can get higher speed. 

another development is the insurer for the flooding to our flat whcih we had in feb. they say the two quotes we send to them was too high, one was £18000, the other £25000. so they will send in their own loss adjuster, and he came today. so it looks like he will send in his own men to do the job. he said contents are not included , so that means the furniture and carpets if they need to go wont be paid for. well, since all the stuff we got rid off comes from the recycled bin, and the carpet is a cheap one, i am not too bothered about that.

so life goes on smoothly as usual.

news today i read that tesco is getting rid of their metro stores. the one i go to and get bargain reductions in piccadilly circus is a metro store. so it will be turned into an express store, i suspect. that means prices will go up , (of course!).  and they wont stock up with the low priced unbranded goods. this piccadilly circus store is a convenient store for me to go to, because even though further away than the superstore in vauxhall, it is one bus ride . i confess i dont really know the difference between metro and express stores. tesco says metro stores are geared to serve people to do their weekly shopping. this one has some low priced goods from tesco’s basic range butnot all the range. so maybe that is the difference fr express stores which dont have any of the basic range.

we have been getting thunderstorms lately, so quite dramatic. but they are not as destructive as the cyclones you get in  india , especially the present one that is causing such a lot of destruction, that is very big. over here, i am glad that we dont get anything too extreme weather wise. 


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