why i am getting fibre connected

25 May

london 10.11am 12C cloudy tuesday 2021

today i saw this article which gives me the reason why i am gettng fibre connected for my broadband. it seems it has nothing to do with talktalk. talktalk, my broadband provider use BTopenreach which is responsible for connecting the fibres network, and it seems they are finally coming to connect our neighbourhood. it is part of their aim to connect 20million households by 2026. increased to 25million from a £15million investment by vodafone. i hve often wondered what is making them so slow . it is not even that i live in a remote countryside, i live in the centre of london and yet we are not connected to the fibre network. and even after the upgrade, we are still connected via copper wires, instead of full fibre. the uk is really lagging behind the rest of the world. though i think very fast speeds is more for business than for us ordinary homeusers.

if u dont play games, or do video zooming, or download films, there is not much advantage to having speeds of more than 100mbps. which might explain why of those places where they have laid down fibre right to the house, the people living in that area are not that keen to pay so much more to get connected. that is also my way of thinking. even if they tell me i can get really fast speeds, i dont want to pay a lot more for it. i prefer to pay less for slower speeds.

so for eg, now i get the page (usually one of the newspapers online, for eg, the dailymail dailyexpress page) downloaded on my chromebook, and i see that familiar revolving circle  that tells me something is still downloading, but it is usually pictures, or videos and most likely an advertisement, so i am not bothered if i cannot see it.  thus i dont care if it takes a long time to download.i can still read the text, in fact i prefer it to seeing it in a video, and i finish off the article, sometimes before it finished downloading and i  scroll down and see more news items , which triggers another load of revolving circles.haha.  and that is all i need to do. i get my full intake of news without wasting my time seeing the videos. 


i know now why they are so slow in putting down the fibre. the cap that they can charge the other providers like talktalk, etc is now removed, so they are now able to charge anything they like for the next 10yrs. whcih means the charge will be added to our bill. that might explain why we have been warned of bills rising every april each year.

i know it is oneof those cases where we as individuals are not interested in the higher speeds, but still have to pay for the infrastructure. but perhaps all this improved infrastructure means in future when a lot of people go online at the same time, the speeds wont drop , as it does now. 

but commercial costings are a mystery. take for eg the cost of broadband, it used to cost as much in the olden days when it was far slower than now and we pay by data, and that is limited too, and service was not good. so now prices are the same, yet with inflation, it would actually be much lower now. and the broadband is so much better now. so you can say it has got cheaper . whether it continues like this remains to be seen. 

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