no difference to having fibre or not for my broadband

26 May

london 10pm 13C wednesday 2021

today was supposed to be when they switch me to fibre 35. i was at home when they switch over. it was 1.15pm, when the internet was switched off, and it came back on at 1.50pm. i was excited to see the increase in speed, the faster downloads, but was very disappointed when it did not happen. i still got that revolving circle when i get onto the daily express webpage, perhaps the time it took to download was slightly shorter , but i had expected it to have gone completely. ah well, if i had to pay extra for it, i would be right miffed. i went into my account to find out what my speed was, and it is the same as before. about 6mbps. now that was very disappointing as i had come to expect 35mbps. even 10mbps would have been nicer. what i have found out is that my tv is not affected by the shut down of the internet. when it was off, i turned on the tv, and i got the usual channels without any trouble. so that system must be on another broadcast independant of the internet. in a way, it is good, then we are not so depandant on getting a internet signal, and can still watch tv if it is down.

went out today, just to get out of the flat. and rather than just walk aimlessly, i prefer to take the bus and go to the tesco in picadilly circus. i might be able to get bargains. and i did today. i was there when a staff man was putting on the reduced prices on the meats, i got a 2kg shoulder pork for £4.63p. £2.14/kg, instead of the usual £3.50/kg that they sell in this shop. so even though i got enough of pork in my freezer, it was too good to not buy.

and i got 3 small tubs of strawberry trifle, 84p instead of £1.50. i have gotten to really like it, ever since i bought the first batch of reduced priced trifles. its really nice that combination of jelly, custard and whipped cream. just as well i only buy them when they are reduced, otherwise i would pig out on them, and that cannot be healthy. this is the first time i bought the strawberry one, in the past it was raspberry, but now that i have eaten both, there is no difference at all. usually the raspberry ones are reduced to 69p. so i will buy the raspberry in future. and they are the ones that are usually reduced. today it was unusual to see a strawberry one reduced. and that was why i bought it. you know how it is, when it is not available at the  reduced price, it makes u wonder that it gets chosen as a preference and you wonder why, and whether it might  it tastes better.  they got bits of strawberry inside the jelly, (the raspberry ones dont have those bits) whcih makes them look nice. but those strawberrys dont taste of anything really. 

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