how old age affects me

27 May

london 10.20am thursday 16C sunny thursday 2021

the water damage to our flat is now being seen to by the insurers. and they have been trying to contact us to make an appointment. and here is where having simon deal with them is necessary. he can hear them over the phone, whereas i am getting deaf because i can never make out what people are saying over the phone. i now get to recognise why some old people seem to act so stubborn , and never listen . those carers of old people must remember that it is possible that many of them may not be able to hear what they are saying, and either too embarrassed to keep asking people to repeat, or even getting hostile reactions from those same people who think they are just pretending they cannot hear just to be difficult. it is very easy to dismiss old people as being stubborn, and dont want to change. when it is just old age and getting deaf. i say old age, because it must be that in bringing on that condition of mind where i dont care about a lot of things . i just dont want to bother with it. so this arranging appointments for them to come fix the flat, i just dont care about it. so i am glad to leave it to simon to handle them.

i think in some old people the opposite applies, when they become more fussy about wanting to know what is happenng to them, but i think those people are a minority. most of us , speaking for myself anyway, just find we dont care what happens outside our immediate environment. and i think that also is the reason why i am not upset about anything i read in the news , because i dont care what happens out there. haha. i read the news for entertainment. 

i also think that it is trying to preserve my sanity…because if u start empathising with the horrible things that people in the news gets inflicted on them, you will really go mad, or get terribly depressed and suicidal. 

added 5.23pm same day

about an hour ago, i picked up our landlne phone and found there was no dial tone. so it looked like the change to fibre has affected our landline. it just shows how little we use the landline phone, because it must have been affected yesterday when they changed to fibre.i seldom use the phone, and i would probably not have known about this lack of dial tone, if i had not picked up the phone just to check that i got no messages.  anyway talktalk has an online chat line, which saves me from calling them and talk to them  to report this fault. i dread the phone as i cannot hear people properly. so this helpline online is a godsend. when they say chatline, it is really a typing line. anyway, after the helper tested the line, they found out that the fault is at the exchange, so i was right, it started during the changeover to fibre. so the engineer will sort it out and because it is at the exchange, they dont need to come into the flat. frankly, i dont mind that we cannot use our landline phone. i usually use my mobile anyway.  we got the internet broadband and that is working and that is more important to me . it seems it will take a day or two to sort out the landline fault. i told them about the speed of our internet not fast, and i hope that they might be able to tweak it to hasten the speed. but i dont mind if they just left it the same as before. hope they dont make it slower. haha.

strawberry trifle

2 Responses to “how old age affects me”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday May 27, 2021 at 3:13 pm #

    Sorry to hear about water damage to your flat. My mum became deaf as she became older. I can see her frustration as she cannot hear, despite using hearing aids.

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday May 27, 2021 at 3:38 pm #

    now i am getting deaf i can understand better how old people feel about it. i have not tried using hearing aids, and if what u say about your mum still unable to hear despite using them, they dont seem very good. i prefer to communicate by writing … so is that how u communicate with your mum? via written notes? otherwise u will always get misunderstood. when my father was alive, we always say he is stubborn, or stuck in his ways. i wonder if it is nothing more than no one informing him of what he should do and why, because when he is told, he cannot understand what is said…. and he never bother to tell them that he cant understand what they are saying… maybe we should write it down… ah well, it is too late now… as he is dead for many years.

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