not much difference to my surfing experience even though the speed is up

29 May

london 7.30pm 18c sunny saturday 2021

start of the long weekend, monday being spring bank holiday. earlier, i took the bus to piccadilly circus, thinking of getting some bargains from tesco there, but before we went 2 stops, the bus was stopped from going on further, we have to turn back and make a detour. parliament square was blocked. so i decided to cancel the trip,got off the bus, and walked back to my flat. 

and sure enough, when i got back and look at the local news, i saw there was a demo , against vaccination, this time. i guess this is a free country and people can demonstrate and decide not to get vaccinated. but it also means that if they die of corvid, i wont waste any sympathies on them. haha. not that they will care, nor want my sympathies i suspect , because they will be dead. but i can see their point of view too. so cant blame them entirely. if u are young, below 40 , the virus dont seem to hit you that hard. unlike over 50’s. so it is a hard decision to take. 

that is why when i see headlines saying how many are infected, i dont mind what the figures say, what i want to know is how many had to go to hospital,and of those , how many are vaccinated. they never tell us this, and that is my beef with them. 

and it seems very few vaccinated people had to be hospitalised. i found out when they interviewed one of the experts and he said the vaccine seem to be better at reducing the severity , rather than prevent infections.  which is very encouraging for us  getting out of this epidemic, and we will have to learn to live with the corvid virus being present around us.

 my wifi problem seems to be going well, in that my speed has gone up, from the 5mbps, to 21mbps, after i told them about it. the telephone line is still down, no dialing tone, but since i dont use it, i dont mind that it is still off. what i find interesting is that even though the figures say my speed is now 21mbps, there is not much difference when i am online and looking at websites. i still get this circling circles on the daily express webpage. so as far as the surfing the internet on my chromebook is concerned i see no difference. maybe it might affect the catch up tv viewing… no lagging, or frozen screens maybe. according to my talktalk account, i am supposed to get average speed of 34mbps. so they still have some catching up to do, in the repair of my connection.

update.10pm sat 29.5.21my landline is connected now. i have got the dialing tone back. so that is solved. 

as for the water damage to our flat, they are dealing with it now, and we are told the kitchen needs complete doing over, the walls are waterlogged it seems, all 3 walls, and our kitchen cabinets need to come down and rebuilt after the walls are dried and painted. just as well it is all being paid by the insurers, except for £100 excess fee which we pay. and they hire their own builder to do it, so we dont hve to find one , which is great.

 and we are getting very new tv programs too. especially films, like this one i saw today… made in 2019, missing link, a cartoon which has some reference to that story ‘ round the world in 80days’, but with a susquach as the side kick passepatout. this film won the golden globe award for best cartoon. 

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