summer is here

1 Jun

london 10.30am 22C sunny tuesday 2021

first day of june now , and summer seem to be bursting out all over. my internet speed is 35mbps from my router to my chromebook, but 29mbps to my router from outside. talktalk tells me average speed to me should be 34mbps. the maintainance guys seem to think they have got the most out of it and cant get any higher, because they sent me a text saying so, and suggesting that i get this speed because of my home set up… ah well, i dont know what we are doing to get that, why the slower speed to my router, but perhaps it might be the copper wires to the flat are at fault there. anyway, it is much higher speed than what i got before.

but strangely, the actual experience on the ground as it were is not much difference from before… i was looking for lightning fast downloads, like so fast that i wont notice it, but i still get that revolving circle , and my emails seem to take a bit of time to get downloaded for me to see the text . so why should that be, if i am getting this fast speed, right?the email thing is rather puzzling, because even in the past when i get so slow speeds, the emails dont have this problem. now they do.

ah well, it makes me wonder what is all that great about getting faster and faster speed. and they are still telling me that my copper wire is struggling with the 195G that i have downloaded last month , May. perhaps with june, it will be reset, though how that works is a mystery to me. how do the copper wires know we are in june , haha.

we got 50inch tv now, so am enjoying films all over again, rewatching the old films i have seen before but now getting this bigger screen is like watching those films anew. i am even able to see some new films, mainly cartoons, that were released in 2019. but they are not very interesting, so i dont think i have missed much by waiting till now to see them. recently i saw the oscar winner for best cartoon(dont know what year), its a ‘spider man cartoon-into the spider verse’, but it was so boring, that i did not see all of it. i havent kept up with the spiderman cartoons, but it seems this one depicts him as black. or am i missing something? they are mangling all the cartoon heroes that i know, so i wont be surprised if they played around with this one too.


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