my life and another’s life

3 Jun

london 4.40pm 24C sunny thursday 2021

i got an offer from sainsburys, asking me to opt in to their fruits and veg promotion, whereby they give nectar points if i buy the veg, or fruits when the offer comes up. but for joining in i have to download their app, and unfortunately, i have uninstalled the app from my chromebook whcih allows me to download it.  this means i cannot sign in to take part. i went today to the electronic shop in warren st , where i was told that i need to reset my chromebook to like it is new…so that the app that i have uninstalled will come back. that means all my settings will be reset to like new, and i dont know what will be gone. so i am a bit afraid of doing it. ah well, nevermind, i shall do without it . i am regretting removing that app . what a silly thing to do. but i was trying to get rid of the huge number of apps that i see i have got in my chromebook. but i dont know how to access them, and thought that app sign was it. ah well, that will teach me . hah. i can only hope that in their regular updates, the powers that be might see i have it uninstalled and just reinstall it for me , as it controlls google play, which is the mechanism to download all their apps .  

simon cooked a nice roast meal today, he bought some pulled pork spare ribs, and sausages, and so i got a nice roast lunch. and i got a very much reduced 500mg minced beef from sainsburys yesterday, a rare find, because it is difficult to get it reduced nowadays. much less this one reduced to 39p from £1.49. i have freezed it as simon had bought so much food allready and they need to be cooked today. i shall save this minced beef for another day. or maybe simon might cook it himself , if i dont do it. i sometimes leave it in the freezer for ages because i just dont remember it. i dont mind if he uses it up.

i read in my wordpress reader an entry by the american guy who i said intends to live in his car. he just now says he has found a place to stay so no need to live in his car. which is good news i think. because it cannot be very nice to live in a car. he says he found another mobile home, which he can afford to buy and the rent is $140 less than what he paid before in that other place before he sold it. (for the land it sits on, in a mobile park. he did not say if it includes utilities) but he says he can use the pool, library, etc, so that must be included.

though in my secret thoughts when i read it, i know that rent will increase like what happened to the one before… and he would be back to square one in future. he is living off his pension, and it is inevitable that a fixed pension will be not enough to cope with continual rise in cost of living.  he needs to find another source of income. he is a proof reader , or something to do with preparing people’s efforts at writing for publication. he writes short stories too. he is a very good photographer, and has photos of the wild life and lake near where he lives. he knows how to enhance his photos too. is there a chance of making money out of that ? i wonder. 

here, i hear that businesses are finding it hard to find workers, because the govt is paying people not to work, and many EU workers have gone home to europe when the corvid struck. now that pubs, restaurants etc are opening again, there is a rush to recruit, and a lot of vacancies result. people are going out to eat, i can see that, provided we dont get another lockdown again. better not happen, i think another lockdown will really kill the economy . uk is opening up, whilst i read that malaysia is clamping down. and places like vietnam which has been praised with its control of corvid, is now getting rising infections. which shows that isolating and lockdowns are not the answer. vaccinations are the answer. 


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