free fish and chips

4 Jun

london 12.40pm 16C rain friday 2021

KODAK Digital Still Camera

this is my cod and chips freebie this morning, given by this soho branch. it is rather nice of them to give it . it was raining, so the queue was not as full . we all got into theplace when it opened at 11am. it was eat in. the space for tables surround the central area where they cook the food. when i joined the queue , one of the ladies we make friends with who follow these freebies’ offers was at the end of the queue, so i was glad to get a eating companion to share a table with.

it was a very filling offer, i could not finish the chips. but even so, we can see others eating around us who ordered bread and butter, or a bowl of mushy peas which are extras. the only thing i did not like about my fish, was that the batter was not crisp. i do like a crisp batter, so it was a bit disappointing… it is because the oil  was not hot enough, i think that would explain it. or was it microwaved ?? from a batch left over from yesterday? hope not, haha. that would be really a bad thing to do. but whatever the explanation my fish batter was not crisp enough. the others eating around us when their order came i can see they have crisper batter, at least judging from looks. my friend’s one was also not crisp, so it must be our batch. but since it all cost 10p each, so it was almost like a complimentary meal, i guess i cant complain really. this meal normally costs £10 or so. correction added . that was the takeaway price, eat in price is £14.

though if i have to pay for it, i would at least let them know and ask for my fish to be refried again, just a quick one to crisp up the batter. i think we were amongst the first people so maybe the kitchen was not quite ready to fry.

i must say it is really tough on eating places, that they have to produce a perfect meal every customer, or else they get something like this, a bad batch and all their good intentions gone . that is why i remove mention of their name, as i dont want to discourage them and stop them giving away freebies. 

i got back and saw in my email, a free hamburger offer from meatliquour, because my birthday is coming up and they give me a free meal every year. i had one last year too, in their covent gdn branch, though this year that branch is closed and the nearest one is at russell square, brunswich centre. i have two weeks to redeem it. and they want an id, to proof my birthday. they said they have to do it this year, because of fraud. i dont mind of course, as it is a reasonable request. so i have another free meal to look forwrd to .

its nice that things are getting back to normal with free offers for meals returning for us to enjoy.

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