life is sweet

6 Jun

london 12.34pm 21C cloudy sunday 2021

yesterday i went to sainsburys to buy whitener, for my coffee. i had run out so i need it. and i thought i shall go to sainsburys at about 7pm, because last time i did i found reduced mince beef 500mg £1.49 to 39p. so i hoped to get lucky again. haha. and i did  find a reduced taste the difference 5%minced beef 500mg reduced £4 to 99p. just 5% fat can cost so much more. then i went into the waitrose nearby, and found lots of baked goods reduced to 20p, 30p. they were sweet confectionary, quite tempting, but i dont really like eating sweet baked goods so i passed. but just now i was thinking about them, and realised for those who really like sweet things they would make a good breakfast.

it was allready 1pm , so they are not a breakfast treat, and when i thought of it, i suddenly felt like eating something like that and i thought well if i toast my frozen bread slices, and spread it with butter and jam, it would be just the same … so that is what i did.  and if u think of it, i bought a loaf of this seeded bread for 40p, that is 800mg of it, and eating it now i get as much enjoyment out of it as if i had bought those baked goods .

but i guess most would say it is not the same. to have those pastry with peach toppings say, first thing in the morning at breakfast with a cup of steaming hot coffee is sure different from having this bread and butter at lunch time. perhaps, haha. such things seem to taste better at their allotted time, so croissants for breakfast, cakes for afternoon tea time, seem to be most enjoyable each in its own time and place. so now i am too full for lunch, and so that means i shall delay having lunch till later, and have lunch for dinner and make things upside down. 

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