first hay fever symptom of the year

8 Jun

london 4.25pm

KODAK Digital Still Camera

its beautiful day , sunny and blue sky all that, so i went out, first to the farmacist, to get my medicine, than to lidls to get coffee and oats and garlic. and then it hit me, the hay fever.

  i have forgotten about it, because last year i never did get any, being in lockdown and having to stay indoors all the time.

but now it is the first time i get it this year. rather late in the year, usually i start getting it around spring. so it reminded me why i dont go out that much.

i thought maybe i am a lazy person and like my home comforts,and rarely do i feel i have to go out to catch the sun. now i wonder if it is not a subconscious defense i have developed to stop me getting hay fever. staying indoors is a very effective way of not getting it. its to do with the pollen being more easily breathed in when one is outdoors unlike indoors when the windows do prevent pollen from getting in.

and so that is why i am indoors now watching tv, another of those place in the sun location house hunting in torrevieja this time. for £50,000 and it is in 2020. so it seems you can still find one bed flats there for that money. and they are quite spacious too. i have holidayed in torrevieja area , as we have a friend who has bought a 2bd flat there. he lives in an urbanisation inland. and so he needs his car, to get around. i would prefer like the two in this program who wants to be near the town centre and the beach. the buses are not very regular, nor extensive, so u do need a car and to drive if u live so far inland. 


the last paragraph suddenly shifted and the margin moved to the right. i dont know how it happened, nor how to correct it so i have to open another paragraph and get back the original configuration. but house hunting in europe has taken a hit at least for me. in that it is not as exciting to watch these programs now, since we have left the EU and we know now that we are limited to 3months stay every 6month interval. so cannot come and go when we please, not to mention the covid restrictions etc. i think most of us must conclude it is better to just rent , rather than buy. oh, she is showing them a 2bed flat in habaneras now. it is for £57,500. its got an inside pool too. she says it has a municipal feel to the pool, and i can see what she means. haha. but they dont like it. i think it is quite spacious , the living room usually are very narrow but not here. but many people like a pool with sunlight on it, whilst an indoor pool wont get the sun. that puts people off. in uk, a indoor pool is great, away from the weather, and so no sun is ok , since how often do we get sun in uk anyway. but spain, its the sun that they all go for, so an indoor pool seems to be a contradiction in terms. haha.


2 Responses to “first hay fever symptom of the year”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday June 10, 2021 at 2:14 pm #

    Really pretty flower. Aah yes pollen and hay fever season

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday June 10, 2021 at 2:22 pm #

    ya, they are rhododendrons. i tried to add that to the space below the picture later, but if i dont do it when i put in the picture, wordpress wont allow me to do it after it has been published. back in malaysia i would get it from the dust, esp in the morning. here it is from pollen. or maybe in malaysia it is pollen too, that dust could be pollen. who knows.

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