is cash no more king?

17 Jun

london 10.15pm 17C rain thursday 2021

today i found out that the macdonalds in the victoria train station concourse do not accept cash, card only. there was a man , one of their staff standing outside in front of the stall, telling people about it, and when i approached he told me of it. no cash only card. i saw a man who was standing inside the line, going to make his order, who left when he heard that it was cash only. well, i too went away as well. and there was no one else making orders, when usually there is always a crowd of people ordering stuff.

not that it affects me as i dont buy anything from them. it was just that today i thought i would try and see if their offer of £1 for a big mac is still available, and whether i could order it in person, rather than on an app. well, it was a forlorn hope i know, but hope triumps over logic. after all, i should know it cannot be done. i have read of a woman’s father who had to leave because his old smartphone was too old to operate the macdonalds app when they tried to order at a macdonald cafe. i have never tried to use their computers in the cafe to order. but it seems they are not operative anymore, if from what i read in that newspaper account u have to use a smartphone to order.  the last time i ordered anything from them was such a long time ago. but anyway, today it reminds me how many stores dont accept cash anymore.

today whilst i was in the area, i went to the krispy kreme stall in the victoria station concourse to try to redeem the free doughnut they gave me for my birthday. but i could not access my digital wallet in krispie kreme app, because i could not get that app, and was told without the bar code in there, i cannot get this doughnut free. so i sent a email to the website asking them to send it to me by email. which they used to do in the past.

i went to my bank nearby to put in two chegues, i won in the premium bonds. they are £25 chegues, the machine wont accept them, but fortunately they still have human cashiers who can manually enter the cheques into my account.

things are changing, not quite clear what exactly… or their extent, or what the wide ranging consequences might be in the future. 

2 Responses to “is cash no more king?”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday June 18, 2021 at 9:23 am #

    Yes, digital technology and because of Covid-19, people do not want to handle cash. Cash transactions pass through many hands and it seems Covid can sit on the surface for about 2 days! Singapore is going to do away with cheques in about 2 years or so time. I think it was 2023 or was it 2024.

    • alifesgayventure Friday June 18, 2021 at 9:32 am #

      i think it has been disproved about covid sitting on surfaces . businesses dont seem to like handling cash… more chances for people stealing it i think. recently i found a scottish £10 note in the change given to me at the supermarket self service till. no one here that i know likes them, so i quickly got rid of it by paying with it. today we got a lot of scots come down for the football match , and i daresay there will be lots of these scots £ notes in the tills in central london.its a way for the scots to change their notes for english ones.

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