hotpot pickled veg stock

22 Jun

london 7pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2021

the last time i bought the pearl river bridge brand of their superior dark soya sauce was in feb this year. i had run low so i went to buy another, and found it has goneup from £1.65 to £1.89 for 500ml. its taken me about 4 months to finish a bottle. and bought another, this time their mushroom flavoured dark soya sauce. it costs the same. usually it costs a bit more than the superior dark soya sauce. i know this brand does good soya sauce, that is why i am willing to continue buying it rather than shift to a cheaper unknown brand. ah well, just as well i dont use it up every month, like i used to in the past. but i got 3 packs of pickled veg used by a restaurant for their hot pot. they are free samples with no end by date. so i figured it must be the restaurant which is nearby and i had passed it on my way may have these left over and instead of throwing it away they decide to give it to the grocery store to give away. i am using one of the packs for a dish of greens and chicken that i am cooking now and lets see what difference it makes to the dish. its got lotus root, and sea weed, etc in it. 

i seem to have a craving for pickles , that was why i bought a jar of pickled gherkins from sainsburys yesterday. they perk up a sandwich , or a meal like no other. that is why i was very happy to get that pickled veg for the hotpot. here they call it hotpot, but i know it as steamboat and i think it is a hakka way of cooking. at least my mom does one for chinese new year family reunion dinner. the cooking is done at table, though preparation time is very intensive, as everything has to be cut up same size so that they all cook evenly at the same rate.


i had eaten some of it plated it over some rice  and it is really very nice. esp the kelp, it is a kind of seaweed and very delicious indeed. i like it for its texture.  and they have put in quite a lot of it.



i enjoy this grocery shopping much more than the amazon prime reduced price event going on now. it is supposed to offer great bargains for two days, yesterday and today, but from the examples they show me, i dont think much of it. very expensive electronic goods.

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