vegan beef…not

24 Jun

london 1.42pm 22C sunny wednesday 2021

cross section, to show the pulled brisket beef. but i think it is not really beef but veggie fibres to look like it. it does mimic it quite well, though like everything veggie, it has no meat smell.correction. it seems i was wrong, and it is real beef, boiled so lost its flavour and smell
i started to unroll it to photo the insides, and realise it cannot be done. it would destroy it. it is called the taternater

when i saw their email sent to me yesterday to tell me of this freebie to be given today i read they have an option of brisket beef, and i thought it was real beef. but now that i have eaten it, i realised it was foolish of me to get fooled by them calling it brisket beef, because of course it is a vegan cafe, so everything on it is not meat. no matter what they say. i think there should be a law against calling it beef, without the essential qualifier word vegan attach to it. so i think it is very misleading to call it brisket beef. it is a foot long roll so quite filling. i asked my friend, who is chinese, and one of the regulars who go to these freebies like me, whether she would pay £9.50 for it, and she says no. and i agree.

correction added later. i had a good look at their website 

and had a look at their menu  

and wonder if it is real beef brisket they had used .they specially mark it as red and with a label stating non vegan. so it must be real beef then. it seems so from what they say… yet it does not taste like beef, nor has it got that smell of beef. hmm, i am beginning to doubt my taste buds now. how come i cannot tell the difference? is what i ate beef, or veggie mimicking beef? what a strange thing that i cannot tell . it seems it is brisket beef. maybe the brisket is so boiled so much that all taste and flavour is boiled out of it. that might explain why it has no smell nor flavour of beef.

the cafe was in a new build , stacks of container steel boxes about 3 storeys high, to replace an old market of stalls which was burnt down some years ago. it is near camden st. it was quite a nice place; built round a central courtyard, with stairs connecting the 3 floors, and there were other stalls there. the prices seem to be about £9 level per dish. there were a thai and a malaysian cafe selling for that price. ( i was watching a video of a street market in air panas, setapak, near kl recently, and it too showed prices were around Rm$6-7. when i was in malaysia about 15yrs ago, it was about RM$4-5).

so it looks like after the pandemic and shops reopening , the food prices here are about £9, whereas before it was about £7. i wonder who are those people who can afford to eat out in these street food market stalls, with prices at this level.

recently i ate at a fish and chips restaurant, and eat- in prices was £14. so that might be the level pricing for restaurants. and if u eat in you will need to add 20% for tips, whcih in uk is automatically added to the bill. and most people pay it even though they say it is optional. so you are looking at £17 for that meal.

i have booked a free pizza meal at the opening of another restaurant in soho, on 1july.  and asked one of the chinese friends i made who also go to these freebies whether she wants to go with me , and she will use up one of  the place for 2 which i was given when i booked that free meal. i thought i would have to go alone which i dont mind, but it seems rather a waste of that extra space , because it would be a free meal for that person too.

i asked her for her mobile number, as i hope to get her name then since i dont know her name. haha. maybe she told me, but i would have forgotten if she did. when i asked her to put down her name next to her phone number she sussed me out, saying you dont know my name dont you? haha. i freely admitted it to her. i have no shame if people find out i have forgotten their name. i forget everyone’s name, no matter how many times they tell me. in fact when i first saw her at the cafe, she recognised me, i did not know her because she had her face mask on and i cannot tell. so just as well she saw me and waved, otherwise i would have just ignored her. oh dear. we were both early, she said she came at 11am. i got there at about 11.30am. it opened at 12pm. hope i can recognise her at that pizza place next time we meet. 

added 4pm

my friend asked me if i had got that free whopper from burger king, yesterday, but i have to say i dont have a smartphone so cannot get it. it is one of the disadvantages of not having a smartphone. then when i got back i saw this message on my mobile, from asda, who is my provider . they say i have to get a new sim card to transfer this asda mobile to a vodaphone network, instead of the EE network i am on now. it is the first time i am hearing of this change. so i have ordered the new sim card, and hope the changeover wont be too traumatic. but i still dont have a smartphone so i wont be able to get all those app freebies. i wonder if it is a matter of time before i am forced to get a smartphone and join in the 21st century. the new tariff for pay as you go  is talk4p a min, 4p a text. i have forgotten what my old tariff is. found out it is talk 8p/min, 4p/text. the new sim card even gives me free calls and text for 1month. though i doubt i shall take advantage of it, as i have got out of the habit of calling people and chat aimlessly.


it looks like they are trying a new concept, to mix vegan with meat in the same stall. in theory, it would cater to all, both vegans and meat eaters alike, but will it end up alienating both ? making the meat taste and smell like veg,(so as to not bring attention to itself and offending the vegans) and the vegans fearing contamination of their vegan meal by meat during the preparation… vegans are particularly obsessed with nothing meaty touching their food at any stage.

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