26 Jun

london 8.28pm saturday 2021 19C sunny

i was watching a video of a morning market in batu pahat,johor; and it showed the hawkers cooking the morning favorites that my mum would buy on a saturday. and it made me so hungry that i went to toast a piece of bread and spread it with butter and apricot jam that i bought recently from lidls. its quite a nice jam, only 57p , unlike my normal buy of sainsburys jam which costs 75p. so really, a cheaper brand can still taste just as good. they both have 45% fruit.

but looking at all those favourites for morning breakfast, did make me feel a bit nostalgic for my old life back in malaysia. the food is the most missed for those who have left the country , and it is true no matter which country you come from originally. that is the one common thread that all expats miss it would seem. but apart from that, everything else i prefer to be here in london than there. 



One Response to “nostalgia”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday June 27, 2021 at 1:18 am #

    Yes, it is true that the food binds us to our roots! Agree that it is better to be in London than in Malaysia. I am glad you moved there. Take care and perhaps in London you will find good asian food. I remember when I was in Brighton for a couple of weeks, I enjoyed the food served by Chinese Restaurants there.

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