whole chicken 1.5kg£1.14

28 Jun

london 8.46pm 19C cloudy monday 2021

i knew i can get such a price for the chicken , it is just a matter of luck when i get it;  that when i go there, that is the day when the sell by date expires for the chicken. today was the day, lotsof tesco chickens being reduced to that price from their usual £2.66 price. i bought only one, because my fridge cant take any more. i could roast the whole chicken but i find it really difficult to eat the breasts , so i decided to freeze the breast, and just roast the other pieces, in a tray bake. it should take a shorter time to roast these pieces than the whole chicken. though i forgot to close the oven door when i put in the carrots, or rather i closed the door but did not make sure i click it shut, and it bounced back and left it wide open. it was only later simon told me it was opened, and he shut it, that i realised this has happened. the kitchen was rather dark, it being 8.45pm and i did not switch on the kitchen lights. it is the time when the sun is just about to set, but not yet,(it sets at 9.44pm) so the light inside is rather uncertain. that is why i never noticed the door was open. ah well, this is the time when it is good to have another person in the flat, to keep an eye on things i forgot. haha.


it is really good that here in london, and i dare say elsewhere in the uk, we get reduced price food, and that the retailers reduce it and sell to us rather than throw it away without reducing it; as i think so many other places all over the world do, because i never hear of such things as reduced price  elsewhere in the world, and certainly never in malaysia or singapore where i grew up . everyone buys the full price in those countries and i bet they throw away any unsold ones, rather than reduce the price. and they lock the garbage bins, so that no one can scrounge them out and let people know of it, for that would shame the retailers. in hot countries, there is the fact that thrown away meats will rot quickly if not refrigerated.here i think many retailers were shamed when they did that, so that now they let us buy the reduced priced bargains, or they give it to charity. it is really shameful to throw away their unsold foods but we never hear of that in other countries. i guess because it is really impossible to rummage in garbage bins when things rot so quickly.

i got 3packs of pork sausages too, usually £1.70, reduced to 65p.and they are the 72% pork sausages too and they are very nice . there is a big difference from other brands whcih only have 52% pork. i noticed the reductions are not as much as before, where final reductions are a quarter the normal price. but then, i dont go so late to them, for the final reductions to come . this is because it is a bit of potluck that all the reduced sausages are sold, or there will be a crowd of people all wanting the final reductions and in these corvid times, i dont fancy mixing with them. all for a few more pence reduction. so i just figured out how much reduced price i want to buy and buy it when it happens. or when i see them.

chicken must be a cheap meat, all over the world, because whenever u see a fast food outlet, it is likely to be doing fried chicken.i have been seeing the morning markets videos from malaysia, and there are always shots of stalls doing fried chicken, or cutting up chicken. though i do see a fried pork stall and duck stall. because there are lots of buyers for those too.   here in uk we got kfc, of course, but there are lots of local shops doing their own chicken version. 

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