free pizza meal

1 Jul

london 2pm 20C cloudy thursday 2021

my friend’s order . she could only finish half, and asked them for a takeaway box for the rest. she said it was very salty, the salami would make it so, whereas my prosciutto ham is not salty at all. that is the reason why i chose it. i likethe mozzarella cheese they use , it is not salty.
my pizza, with prosciutto ham, i managed to finish mine.

this is a neapolitan style pizza place, and this is in their new branch in soho. Rudy’s . its a huge portion, and can easily be shared by two. but it is free, so we each ordered one. its nice that we can get this free meal . my friend came from hounslow, and she said she will have another two friends who have booked and invited her along another time. so she can look forward to coming again and again. haha. i myself was happy not to have any more . its traditional this place, so they dont have other toppings like pineapple !! sacriledge i know, or even chicken, or other meats. or even chilli flakes. all those variations are made up by others who like to mix and match. 

we had a very enjoyable time in each others company during the meal , its a quiet setting the restaurant, and we were seated at the window and can see passersby and the scenery outside. 

nice lilies in the garden of the courtyard of the estate

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