daily life

7 Jul

london 9.40am 17C cloudy wednesday 2021

i am with asda mobile, in that my pay as i go sim card is sold by asda , the supermarket chain, and they were changing their provider from the EE network to vodafone, so they ask all of us to change our sim to the one given to replace it by vodafone. well today is when the EE signal was gone, and so i replaced the sim card with the new one i got, and it was quite seamless, with the network coming on immediately. with this changeover they give us a free month’s unlimited calls and text and huge amounts of data… but i dont have a smartphone so cannot use their data. however, i can make the calls and the text. it is a strange feeling to be able to call anyone and make calls or text without fear of costs. i am wondering who i can call and bother them with my calls. haha. 

i shall carry my mobile around with me more often as i can text the bus stops and find out when the next buses are coming. usually i use my chromebook and use the local wifi if there is any to get online. though i dont carry my chromebook much . it is quite light but it is heavier than a mobile phone. hmm, i wonder why they dont put a sim card slot in my chromebook. that way it can be used like a mobile but it is easier to type using a chrome book and the bigger screen makes surfing the internet much easier. but i guess a slot inside the chrome book will take up a lot of space . might as well buy a smartphone with a bigger screen, and with intuitive typing, it would be quite fast to type posts in wordpress. it is just old fashioned me who likes typing using touch type which requires a full size typing board. but i think the new generation dont know how to touch type anymore.

i have rediscovered the intuitive typing in my mobile. it happened when i tried to write text messages.  and it is really very efficient. no wonder so many dont bother to learn touch typing . 

and it is not very important to know when the bus is coming as most times, buses here run very often and even if u miss one, the next one is soon here. like what happened yesterday. a bus came and went right by without stoppng, because neither the lady or i who were waiting there saw it coming and put out our hand to signal it. both of us were rather peeved, the lady saying it is the first time it happened to her;  usually the bus will stop even without any signal from us. then the next bus came quite soon after, and that might explain why it did not stop. because it knows that just behind it is another. 

added. 2.38pm 19C cloudy

lovely bananas . i am really glad it is so easy to buy them in uk. pineapples too, they are quite good priced when reduced. mangos can be bought here too, but they are always expensive, seldom reduced, even when it is the mango season in their country.

i tried texting the bus stop to get the buses coming, but it does not work. it takes my text but dont send me any info on the buses in return. so i still have to use my chromebook if i want any info on the bus arrivals. 

now would be nice if i got a smartphone. maybe i can ask simon if he got a spareone lying around.

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