a nice pasta

9 Jul

london 1pm 22C cloudy friday 2021

i got notified of this free offer from remoli, a pasta cafe. steve sent it to me this morning, and it starts  at 12pm, today. 

they have a choice of fusilli or this one, and i got a beef sauce , which is kind of them to give me, because according to their menu it costs an extra £1, so to include it in a free offer is nice of them.


i got lost trying to find them, in the st pancras station, even so i was too early, arriving at 11.40am, when they open at 12pm. even then, they were kind to open it about 5or 10mins before 12pm and made up my order. there were no others waiting, and i wondered what happened to my friends, i thought they might also be lost and could not find the store. but they are better than me, they had no problems with finding it. as it is, there was no queue, so it matters not that they are late.

its quite nice actually,the sauce is meaty,  i sat at one of the benches to eat it, whilst i waited for the others to come. they even have a separate pot of cheese, it looks like parmesan cheese, to sprinkle on top. its quite filling. 

the area of st pancras station where the eurostar arrives and departs. view from the cafe .

added 10.18pm .

i am watching mission impossible-fallout (2018), car chases all over paris. i am not really following it, just watching it for its thrills. in these kind of films, the escapades and gadgets and chases is what makes it. really. but it kind of make me think that me running around london eating these free food is something like it. in a kind of similar runaround haha. but it did make me rather glad that here in london there are all these eating places giving away free food as a promotion. there are enough variety of eating places serving all kinds of different foods to make it interesting. and tomorrow there is the continuation of the free kebab, whcih i had last saturday. and i am thinking i know how to wrap it up in the paper it comes in, to make eating it less messy than last time. the crutchyness of the chicken is so good, i want to hve another go at it. 

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