free lunch

10 Jul

london 3.33pm 18C cloudy saturday 2021

they say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but this one is definitely free to me , so you can have a free lunch after all. there is no catch to it, they did not even ask us to follow them , or give them our email address.  

when i arrived, there was no queue, even though it was about 10mins to the start time. this is the 2nd time of their free offer. the first time was last saturday. so we were at the head of the queue, just like before. this time i got more chicken pieces. though i noticed they are very salty, i mentioned this to my friends, saying they were not so salty last time and they said we noticed the chicken was salty last time, and we even mentioned it to them. so it looks like the salt is normal to the cook. perhaps it is the norm for all of these things to be so salty and that it is us who are abnormal, in that we arenot used to so much salt. we cook our own foods i think, that is why we are not used to the high amounts of salt . 

the street was busier , with lots more people out and about, and cars in traffic jams, along the road that runs by the shop. the police were out too, one police car blockng the way and stopping two cars and their occupants for checks. dont know why they were stopped. 

and this crowded streets scene carried on when i decided to get off the tube at oxford st to take the bus . as i came out of the tube station there was this guy giving away free booklet , ‘what’s on in london’. telling of all the activities , shows, etc going on. so even the tourist industry is gearing up to life after being dormant for so long.

the regent st was busy with lotsof people crowding the pavement and going into the shops that line that street. so it might be things are back to normal, because in the past that was what regent st was like. wall to wall people on the pavements. 

a lot more chicken pieces this time.
i had the fried chicken shish kebab

added. 6.12pm, i found this was not published after i wrote the above . and i thought i had pressed the publish button, but i think i am supposed to press the button twice to get it published.

simon had cooked a leg of lamb in a curry that he had made up with his own ingredients. its quite nice, though salty, i told him about it and he said he only put in 2 lamb cubes. he said he would put in one next time. though i did say since he is cooking with a leg of lamb, there is no need to add these flavour cubes. people dont realise that if u re allready using the real meat, why bother to add these flavour cubes? anyway the curry was nice, though leg of lamb is a really expensive meat. i thought he bought it half priced, but no, he got it full price. it was because he was craving it saying he spent so much buying lamb curry from the takeaway, he found one in gants hill, essex which does a very good one. u need to get out of london to the outskirts to get good value for money takeaways. i suggested next time he might like to buy goat’s meat. they will be cheaper and taste much more like meat, and because they are gamier, they will be perfect in a curry. you wont be able to buy them in the supermarkets, but the local ethnic butchers in east london or north london would have them. i live in the centre of london so i dont get to find out who stocks them. 

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