the morning after

12 Jul

london 11.41pm 18C cloudy/sunny monday 2021

well, so that euro cup is not coming home then. or lets say it is coming…Rome. people get all het up about winning, but really they should take things in perspective. it is great entertainment, and that is all it is.

at least the weather is lovely. it is sunny too, even though at first it was cloudy. even the forecast of rain has not occurred, it was supposed to be raining all day today, but no, it seems it will rain only tonight. i looked up the forecast yesterday because there is a pizza restaurant that promises us free pizza if england wins, and i had thought that the whole day is going to be raining, and thinking i have to slog through the rain to get that pizza if england wins and having to eat that pizza in the open and in the rain, or have to bring it back to eat. now of course there will be no free pizza. haha. come to think of it, a pizza place should celebrate when italy wins, after all, pizza is italian. but i guess it would be in bad taste to celebrate italy win in a pizza restaurant that is in london. though i wont mind, as we will get free pizza too, whether england wins or not.

so even the weather is ignoring the hangover and telling people here to lighten up and enjoy life . though as i speak, it is clouding over again. haha.

added. 10.30pm

i had a nap , and woke up to read this in the news, flooding in parts of london. yet earlier, about 4pm i went out to piccadilly circus, to the tesco there, and it was not raining. london is a big area, so it does look like the forecast is correct after all, and that it was raining hard in london. but as you can see, you can live here and still not notice it and if u are the sceptical type who dont believe it if you dont see it, you would think it is all a fake news .

 i bought a pack of 6pitta bread reduced from 47p to 32p. usually i dont buy these things, but i was thinking of the kebab, and thought i shall batter some frozen fish i got, and eat it in a pitta bread with salad. i made my own batter , using self raising flour and water. simon saw my first effort and said i should make it thicker, otherwise the batter wont stick to the fish. glad i got that advise, because the thick batter makes a much better fried covering , more crispy. i used simon’s induction stove to heat up the oil quicker. its quite a nice effort, but quite a lot of work really, because u have to stand over fish whilst it is frying, and there is a lot of spitting of oil .but i can see why people like fish in batter, i can see it would be even better eaten with chips.  

added. 8.18am 13.7.21 tuesday

it seems the rain really is heavy, causing floods in the portobello road. it came down in a short time, that makes the drains unable to cope and that is why the flooding occurs. but what makes it strange to me is that i live not far from there, and it is just normal here. 

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