its 28C now

17 Jul

london 3.46pm 28C sunny saturday 2021

i just now decided to write something to post today in my blog, and when i checked the temperature, i find it is 28C. that is high, but even though they forecast it, you cannot bet on it, it is never a sure thing with the english weather. tomorrow they say will be even higher but it might not happen. anyway, even though it is 28C it does not feel hot. at least not inside the flat. maybe it feels hotter outside, but i have not gone out at all and not sure if i shall do so later. there is not a lot of things i want to do that involves going outside. i would mostly go outside just to do grocery shopping or to shop for possible reduced priced bargains. but i have been doing that the past few days, going to the supermarket but did not have any low priced reductions to buy. so i dont feel like trying my luck again today.

i have a feeling that i dont feel any heat even though it is 28C, because it is the first day  that we are getting this temperature. we never have this temperature before since i cant remember. so there was no time for it to build up to become unbearably hot. 

the hamburger that simon made today just now, using sainsburys ready made raw burgers. they are premade in patties, so all you have to do is fry them, and then make up the hamburger. they are £2.50 for 4 patties. it is quite nice and will certainly help to satisfy any craving for a hamburger that you will have. i am surprised more people dont cook it themselves rather than buy a macD or burgerking and have to go through all the palaver of queueing up and obeying the anti covid procedures at their shop.

but actually what i wanted to write about was my thought on seeing all that flooding in germany on the news online, and thinking i am glad i dont live there , i mean apart from escaping all that flooding, i was thinking i dont know any german, and would feel really the lack in not being able to understand what everyone else is talking about, and always having to ask anyone to translate anything. i know i would absolutely hate there, being unable to understand anything anyone says . you can feel very stupid if u are put in that situation. and people will treat you like you are stupid too. they might not mean it, but if u cannot understand them, they just have to treat you like you are stupid, same thing. really. cant blame them either. i dont know if everyone who lives in a foreign country feels like i do when i dont know the local language . this is especially so in countries where the local people dont have english as their second language. it was particularly felt by me when i went to brazil for a month. it was quite a long time ago, in the 90s , but i felt it, because hardly anyone local knew english, and i was really feeling i have reverted to childhood when i could not make others understand what i wanted, nor even get information that i can understand. no one understood me when i spoke, and i could not understand them when they spoke. perhaps that dont happen much nowadays as most of the world seem to speak english or you can find someone local who can. the tourism industry has expanded vastly since then i think, so that most countries can cater to tourists very well now. and if u are an expat , i bet u will try to base yourself in that part of the country which is more tourist friendly rather than live in a remote area where they dont meet any tourists at all.

perhaps it is only me. i dont see any expat ever mention this feeling stupid not being able to understand what the local people are saying, so it must be only me. otherwise i cant see how they can bear to live there permanently, rather than just be a visitor. 

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