18 Jul

london 8.35pm 28C sunny sunday 2021

so, was it very hot today? it hit 30C here, and might be more elsewhere.  not to me. its cool in my flat.  i went out to the local tesco in piccadilly circus, it did not feel that hot. whilst i was waiting for the bus near the tate britain, which is near where i live, i could not help noticing the trees lining the street makes the whole area very cool and it was very pleasant to be under there.

i felt very sleepy the whole day, not sure if it is due to the hot weather. i know in malaysia, we all go to sleep during the hot part of the day, those of us who can afford to, ie those not working. it is the best way to get over that hot part of the day. i can sleep durng the day , whenever i like, though today being sunday, others might be able to do it too. 

everyone i see were wearing shorts and t shirts. one man even got topless, though it kindof defeat the purpose because he was wearing long pants. 


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