free dom day for uk

19 Jul

london 2.44pm 29C cloudy monday 2021

its the first day this year when i have to close the curtains to block out the sun coming into the flat. this is the age old solution to keeping the flat cool, we do it all the time in malaysia where i grew up, but not often i do it here in london. we have curtains here, so drawing them close also blocks out any breeze from coming  in as well. it is the morning sun, so only the east facing windows get it, and need to be curtained off. the other windows facing west i left open. now the heat have gone down, and the hottest part of the day may be over.

well today the whole country is opened up and no restrictions, except for facemasks . some have said it is too soon to open up, but i think we should do so, and see what happens. if deaths remain low, we should keep it open. as for infections, i dont think it is that important anymore , if it increase or not, does not matter, as long as the vaccine keeps deaths down. you might say it is a gamble, and if we are wrong, people will die. but i am very stoic about deaths. if someone’s fate is to die, so be it really. so you might say if it happens to you , you will certainly change your tune, but i can say, if my body is so weak that it cannot get well , so be it really. it is time to go.

so i say, dont worry , just get on enjoying your life. 

added. 3.14pm

there is a lot of helicopter noises now, and that means only one thing, there is a demonstration going on near us; i was thinking oh are they demonstrating against lockdown ending then? then i saw this on metro newsonline. it seems they are an anti lockdown demonstration, protesting againt lockdown, … on a day when lockdown ends. irony or what? haha. just goes to show humans can be really stupid. and that is why when they say whatever will cause humans to go extinct, i dont mind really. 

One Response to “free dom day for uk”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday July 19, 2021 at 3:58 pm #

    I agree with you in that fate determines if one lives or dies.

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