20 Jul

london 8.22pm 25C sunny tuesday 2021, high 31.2C

i have just woken up from my nap, my second one too. to me these hot weathers are just great for sleeping, but i have just read a blog from someone living in the country who bikes every morning to get her newspaper, and she described a wonderful morning ride due to the brilliant weather we are getting. she even got gooseberries growing wild in the hedges to harvest. that reminds me how nice it is living in the country… but how often do we get this kind of weather? haha. it is very pleasant now once the heat of the day is over , like it is now, and the sunset is shining into the flat making it glow all rosy.

i went out earlier today to the morrisons, when i read an article yesterday about it reducing its icecream cones . they are allready a good price at 99p for 4 110mg cones, but to offer 2 packs for £1.50 is really egging the pudding… so i bought 4packs, my little freezer is now full. they hve a lovely selection, though when i went today some were sold out. still managed to buy my 4packs so that was good. not surprised they are so popular, what with this heat , cones are just perfect icecream fodder to eat, nevermind reduced as well. i ate one on the bus back, and ate another one later.it was only later that i wondered if the bus driver would have stopped me from getting on if it were yesterday, when the lockdown was on. in fact, i did buy cornettos, tesco was selling them 6 for £1.50, and i was eating one when i boarded the bus and it was during the lockdown, but the bus driver let me get on without saying anything… i am glad they are not too strict about it. i guess those prone to worry might think they are not safe with me eating a cone with my mask off, but really i think sitting on a bus with all its windows open is a better safeguard than the masks. now we are told no need for masks, but almost like as a courtesy to keep them on , on public transport. more like making others feel better about it, rather than any reason. ditto inside buildings, like supermarkets, to wear one. some of us might do it out of habit now, so used are we to wearing one, that it might feel naked without. haha. 

i dont know what they are called, maybe gladioli. i thought they are the ones making my flat smell so nice recently. i have been getting this heavenly scent coming in through the windows and i dont know what is making it. these are the only flowers blooming outside my window, so i assumed they are ones, but when i went close to take this photos, i smelled them and they dont have scent. so where is the scent comng from?

when i lean out of my window i can still smell this heavy scent . it is like someone has just finished washing their clothes using too much heavy scented detergent. haha. but i dont see anyone putting out their laundry to dry so it cannot be that. i like to think it is just summer smells and flowers are spreading their smells everywhere because it is summer. 

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