a cold shower really cools you off

21 Jul

london 5.48pm 29C sunny wednesday 2021

10.15pm 24C dry

i had a cold shower just now and this is the first time i had one, a cold one i mean. usually i would put on the heater in the shower to get hot water. but today i thought i shall go under a cold shower and see if it cools me off, and i am surprised that it did. its a long time since i had a cold shower. even in malaysia i always put on the heating in the electric shower at home . when i was young we used a pail to pour cold water in the tub whcih we constantly fill up with a slow running tap. my mother has this idea that slow water from the tap dont make the electric meter runs fast. unlike if u fill up the tub quick by running the tap full on. but it was cold water we pour over our heads if we want to bathe. so bathing was always done during the heat of the day, as a hot day makes it bearable. maybe that was why when i grew older and we got a heated electric shower, i always use warm water to shower, even though the day is as hot as anything. but now i had a cold shower, i realise it really does cool you off, its very refreshing actually. whereas before after the warm shower i dont feel i have cooled off much and have gone away with the thought that having a shower dont cool you off. not realising i should set the water to cold . anyway now i am relearning thing in my old age.

today i got to buy a cheap whole chicken. i have been putting off buying it at normal price, (even though it really is very cheap allready at £2.66 but i wanted a cheaper one when they reduce it . and today i found one for £1.53, (actually there were two of these selling at half price, but i decided to just buy one. the other one is a smaller chicken, and i dont fancy buying that. haha. )half price from the £3 chicken in a bag that is the price normally. i just cut off the bag, even though u are supposed to cook it in the oven in its bag. i dont really like it roasted in its bag, and anyway i want to cut this chicken up to save the breasts, (to freeze) while traybaking the other bits and pieces . i seasoned them with curry powder, and it was delicious, just tray baked in the oven for about 40mins. the bones are all so crunchy that i could eat them as well as the fleshy bits. i have discovered the economy of tray baking them. tray baking means just putting them out on a tray and baking them. it is a fantastically economical way of oven baking chicken, or any meats. and i still have two chicken breasts saved up as frozen meats, to stir fry with veggies for other times. and what is even better was that i went to tesco to buy their 33p washing liquid. all the other times i have gone to tesco specially to find this reduced price chicken and have been disappointed, and now when i am not there for it, i find it. such is life really. unexpected pleasures. 

but the 33p for 450ml, washing up liquid is really very good value. they used to be 50p for 500mls, until tesco started to match aldi prices, and so they reduced it to this. i think they are just as good as the fairy liquid which is £1 for 433ml. i dilute mine 10x, and they still do a very good job of getting rid of the grease and oil. and they do it even though i dont use hot water to wash dishes.  in this case, they are better than soap whcih we use in malaysia. and by diluting them, i dont need to take special care to wash it all off with water. i dont have to be economical with water as i am not on a meter and pay a fixed price, but i am too lazy to have to take care to keep rinsing it thoroughly  everytime to make sure no residue of this detergent remains on my dishes. i daresay it is harmless if u eat it, but better to not have it rather than have it. i buy the lemon scented ones, as i like the clean smell of lemon.

i notice a lot of people use too much and waste a lot of it. they just squirt it hard and a huge splodge comes out. so that they are not taking advantage of the concentrated advertised content . you are supposed to use less and make it last longer, and that is supposed to make it worth the price, but if u just heavy handed with it, all that is lost and you continue to use up a bottle in a jiffy, end up spending more. 


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