udon restaurant near liverpool st station

27 Jul

london 2.20pm 18C cloudy/rain tuesday 2021

the pink and red bits are ginger, and chillis respectively, and they are what i added from a salad selection.



so today i went to queue up for this free udon . you have to apply to be in their newsletter and they will send you an email with a QR code which links to a wallet that u use a smartphone to access. and the free offer comes in the form of a voucher    £5.95 preloaded in that wallet to redeem against anything you order , with you paying the balance over £5.95. lucky they included the QR code in the email they sent me, so i was able to use that instead of using the wallet, which since i dont have a smart phone, i cannot access.

well i was in the queue and they staff came and took my temperature, (by pointing a gadget at my wrist and that reads my temperature , it showed 32.2C . and then she  told me that they are only taking credit card payments, no cash. when i heard that i thought to myself that means i better not go over £5.95.   as i only have cash.

and looking at the menu posted on the wall, i saw the only 2 items i find that cost that is the kimchi yaki udon, vegetable and   a chicken paitan udon soup, costing that amount, but when i reached the counter and saw the menu above it, it says the chicken paitan is not available. a pity that as  i would have ordered that and get a chance to taste their soup. as i would think the noodle soup dishes are the signature dishes. 

but i got the stir fry dish, and it  is a dry dish. its quite nice, but it is not a lot. i felt i could cook it myself. 

and when i saw what the other customers before me  got, those who order the noodle soup, i saw their bowl is quite small too, unlike most other udon restaurants, where the bowl is huge. i know this because i have seen them through the other restaurant windows eating from those huge bowls of noodles.  

my order is the kimchi yaki udon vegetable

i had not eaten at these places for a long time, so my idea of their prices is out of date. i thought they would cost about £8, but i googled a udon restaurant and it looks like the prices now are about £10. and can be £14 for those huge noodle soup bowls.  so maybe these prices of about £6 may be considered reasonable. even though i thought they are not very large dishes.

i thought these udon noodle dishes are like street food in japan, so should be priced low for the masses, which i daresay is the case in japan;  but as with street food in thailand, and malaysia, or indonesia, when they are brought over here they seem to have been transformed into gourmet food , and priced high. 

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