be optimistic

1 Aug

london 8pm 18C cloudy sunday 2021

i think most people are more affected by boredom these days than anything. all the usual things that people do, like going to work, clothes shopping, luxury goods shopping, are limited , as is going to the cinema, theatre, eating out , going to the gym, or to the swimming pool, or leisure centre are all curtailed or limited. i dont quite see what people can do now to amuse themselves. i see people sitting outside cafes, so that seems to be the thing they can do.

i think with boredom there will be a tendency to worry , like my friend said of his partner, who is suffering from anxiety. though i think in his case, he has that even before the covid began.

anyway i am glad i got the freedom pass, and so can get out and wander around just to do something. it gets me out of the flat otherwise i would stay there all the time. i am glad i am retired, so that i dont have to feel busy all the time, and get to feel i must  be doing things or i am wasting my life. when retired, you look at life very differently than when u are young and working. in fact, i dont want to be working under these conditions, where u are more afraid of catching something from your patients. even my doctor surgery is telling people not to make appointments if they can help it. i think the doctor is wrong, if u are in the medical field you have to see patients who are ill. after all, the risks were there before covid, of u catching an infection, so it should not change your views now that they can identify a specific condition. but i guess it is understandable that all the medical staff are worried about catching ill from their patients when before all this they took it as part of their job. but when u see colleagues dying of it, it does change your mind a lot. 

there is something blocking parliament square this afternoon, because the bus 88 which normally runs through there was diverted and had to go round by way of green park to piccadilly circus. i daresay i shall read of it in the news eventually. i have titled this be optimistic, because the vaccine seems to be working, infections are down, deaths from covid are down, 65 latest deaths, even though we are about 2wks since everything opening up.

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